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Oscar Bait 2020 - 21

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. It's one of the major (pop) injustices of the last decade. I saw the film when it premiered at TIFF. Actually the second screening on a Saturday morning. To the shock of everybody, Dame Alfre Woodard showed up for the Q/A looking amazing and being the queen that she is. It was such a powerful performance and I thought Aldis Hodge, Danielle Brooks and Wendell Pierce were all worthy of supporting nominations.

    Honestly, it's shocking that Woodard only has one Oscar nomination (I was shocked to learn she wasn't even nominated for Passion Fish).

    The BAFTA nomination is a reminder of what could have been.
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  2. I was really wanting to watch this again in theatres, so I’m gutted.
  3. I watched Nomadland last night. Great cinematography, beautiful cinematography
  4. I wanted to watch it there too. Looks like the only Oscar contender I'll get to see at the cinema - apart from Chicago 7, which I paid to see just for the sake of going to see something, even though it was coming to Netflix the following week - is The Father which isn't out until June!
  5. Also, Nomadland is getting a cinema release as well as Disney+ - will be out 17 May, the day cinemas reopen.
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  6. LTG


    The Mole Agent is currently on iPlayer and Collective is going to be available from tonight, both as part of Storyville.
  7. Collective is both so good AND infuriating.
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  8. Easily my 2 favourite docs from the nominees. The other 3 are ordinary to downright awful.
  9. I've just watched The Trial Of The Chicago 7, the first of the best pic noms I've seen, and it was very good.
  10. Minari has finally been released in the UK. (£9.99 so £6 cheaper than the usual price for new films like Judas/Godzilla etc).

    Isn't it lovely - God bless those mini cowboy boots. My favourite of the 4 BP nominees that I've seen so far.

    And Youn Yuh-jung for Supporting Actress please. She was brilliant.
  11. Just watched The Father. Spellbinding, Anthony Hopkins had me weeping to be honest. I don't know, I wouldn't count him out at all for Best Actor
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  12. I found it weirdly refreshing for the documentary to end on such a sour note. It's always tempting for documentaries to look for some silver-lining at the end just for the sake of it, and I respect that this one really makes the viewer face reality.

    I still have The Mole Agent to watch among the documentary nominees, but I'm otherwise rooting for Collective.
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  13. Echoing this. He managed to have me near tears and audibly laughing numerous times during the film.

    On the whole I thought The Father was good. Not incredible, but definitely good. It was very obvious it was originally a play, and I have to say I'm surprised that it seems possible that Olivia Colman could win because I usually think someone's second performance has to be absolutely transcendent to buck the "Let's not give this person a second Oscar so quickly" trend, and she wasn't at that level for me. But Hopkins was breathtaking, the film would be nothing without him.
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  14. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Screen Actors Guild Awards Winners:

    Motion Picture Cast
    Da 5 Bloods
    Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
    One Night in Miami
    WINNER: The Trial of the Chicago 7

    Male Actor in a Leading Role — Motion Picture
    Riz Ahmed — Sound of Metal
    WINNER: Chadwick Boseman — Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
    Anthony Hopkins — The Father
    Gary Oldman — Mank
    Steven Yeun — Minari

    Female Actor in a Leading Role — Motion Picture
    Amy Adams — Hillbilly Elegy
    WINNER: Viola Davis — Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
    Vanessa Kirby — Pieces of a Woman
    Frances McDormand — Nomadland
    Carey Mulligan — Promising Young Woman

    Male Actor in a Supporting Role — Motion Picture
    Sacha Baron Cohen — The Trial of the Chicago 7
    Chadwick Boseman — Da 5 Bloods
    WINNER: Daniel Kaluuya — Judas and the Black Messiah
    Jared Leto — The Little Things
    Leslie Odom, Jr. — One Night in Miami

    Female Actor in a Supporting Role — Motion Picture
    Maria Bakalova — Borat Subsequent Moviefilm
    Glenn Close — Hillbilly Elegy
    Olivia Colman — The Father
    WINNER: Yuh-Jung Youn — Minari (kween of pop)
    Helena Zengel — News of the World
  15. The way this pure moment left me in a flood of tears. An absolute treasure fully deserving of the honor.

    Now give her the Oscar!!!!

  16. I saw in a tweet (which I have now lost!) that the Actress race is now completely unprecedented in terms of who could win based on previous nominations and wins since the SAG era. Whoever does it will be breaking some sort of rule, and there’s a case to be made for and against all of them. It was something like if Andra does it, she will be the first to win without a BAFTA and SAG nomination, or if Carey does it she’ll be the first without any major previous win from BAFTA, GG or SAG, although she did win Critics Choice Awards. Cant quite remember the details but I’m sure someone with more knowledge can help verify! Either way, I think the Actress race is genuinely unpredictable. It could legitimately go to any single one of them. I think the biggest curveball will be if Frances or Vanessa wins the BAFTA, because then that puts them back into the ring in a big way. If neither of them win at BAFTA, then that will be good for Carey I think because her path is more clear.

    Is this what people who are a fan of sports feel like?

    And here’s the good news!

    At this point, I’d be happy with any of them winning really, which feels quite nice! My heart does still say Carey just for the sheer narrative of her journey so far and to reward her for a career which definitely should have more nominations, but Vanessa or Andra winning would be great to give their careers a real boost, it would be very fun for Viola to win to properly cement her in the legends club, and Frances was excellent and perfectly deserving in her film.
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  17. Frances is gonna win her third Oscar regardless. She’s a producer on Nomadland and that’s taking Best Picture hands down.

    I can’t remember a time when both Actress and Supporting Actress have been so chaotic before.
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  18. Living for the chaos. Makes for an awards season that is actually exciting to watch, especially in a year like this.
  19. Just the clarify The Mole film on iPlayer is not the Oscar nommed doc. It's a film about someone infiltrating North Korea. The nominated one is about an old man going undercover in a Chilean care home.

    The Mole Agent is available to rent here....

  20. LTG


    This is where it is under Storyville: Undercover OAP: The Mole Agent

    I think it’s difficult to search it on iPlayer because of the separate North Korea programme and they’ve put the “Undercover OAP” on the episode title.
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