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Oscar Bait 2020 - 21

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I think Frances is in third place behind Viola and Carey? I don’t know, SAG is usually a big indicator, but let’s see which way BAFTA goes.
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  2. I know that the full membership of BAFTA are voting on the winner (which usually means less exciting results) but... I really don’t see McDormand or Kirby taking it... Bakray, Mosaku... even Woodard seems more likely from the USA nominees.
  3. If Mosaku wins, would it be the first time BAFTA have awarded a horror film, well any main award?

    (Silence Of The Lambs sold it's self as a thriller, even if it is horror to many)
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  4. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    This shows how much I’ve been paying attention, I assumed Carey had been nominated for the BAFTA.

    Huh, maybe it’s Chadwick and Viola together to the finish line.
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  5. Insane that BAFTA would snub a British star like Mulligan. But the nominees in that category were the most shocking of any recent year that I can remember.
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  6. You're 100% correct. Information came from my brother who seems to have had exactly that problem. I will point him in the right direction.
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  7. BAFTA’s tonight! I kinda want Vanessa Kirby to win Best Actress just for ultimate carnage, because so many pundits have written her out of the race completely. It doesn’t feel beyond the realm of possibility either? She’s the only British person nominated in the category who is also nominated for the Oscar.
  8. Also, looks like Scarlet Johansson in 2003 was the last person to win Best Actress (for Lost In Translation) at the BAFTA’s without being nominated for the Oscar, so it could go to one of the other girls which would be cute - I’d go for Bukky Bakray from Rocks personally.
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  9. Obviously this year is uncharted territory (jury nominates, full membership chooses winner).

    If it was all jury, I’d be picking between Bakray and Mosaku in a heartbeat.

    As it stands, I don’t see Kirby or McDormand having enough passionate support so agree that Bakray makes sense, with Woodard as my “no guts, no glory” wildcard...
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  10. I have money on Bakray.

    Saw Rocks at LFF back on October 2019 and raved about to everyone I knew. Remember saying at the time that it's the sort of film BAFTA should be supporting but would inevitably overlooked. Love the fact that it got all those noms even if I'm not entirely on board with the process.
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  11. Yuh-Jung Youn snatched the BAFTA! Legend!
  12. So Daniel totally has the Oscar in the bag now, no? He’s felt like the frontrunner for awhile but this basically seals it.

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  13. I am once again asking why was Carey Mulligan not nominated
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  14. I had money on Bukky but 100% here for the chaos a Frances win brings.
  15. Picture/Director/Supporting Actor are all locks at this point.

    I’d say Actor is too; I expected Hopkins to win BAFTA.
  16. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Alan Kim looking mighty adorable during the BAFTAs
  17. Not Yuhjung calling brits snobbish people tfgsfafdwur

  18. Cannot wait for this to shake up the race
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