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Oscar Bait 2021 - 22

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Jan 9, 2021.



    With Sundance (digitally!) happening at the end of this month, let's begin another season shall we?
  2. ddd I’m still not sold the entire 2020-2021 season won’t just be folded into this one.
  3. Slice of Life

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  4. I've missed Jennifer. It feels like ages since she's been in a movie. Whatever happened to Red, White, and Water?
  5. Slice of Life

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    Promising new movie for Kween Carey
  6. Gird your loins
  7. I'm not gonna lie, my wig is kind of snatched.

  8. Christopher Abbott you won this hole!
  9. I’m shaking. I managed to get a screening ticket for Passing on Monday morning! They just put up more and they were gone in seconds and my cart failed but I got the confirmation email.
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  11. I'm ready for Carax directing my dad Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard!
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  12. Leos Carax is king so I’m sure he’ll deliver but that trailer looks a bit pedestrian. Wasn’t this the one Rihanna was initially pencilled in for?
  13. Bookmark me: Rebel Wilson is filming her first ~serious role at the moment up near Manchester with queen Janet McTeer and Charlotte Gainsbourg (my friend worked on set) and it feels like it might be extremely baity.
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  14. Pfft

    I'm incredibly skeptical, but then again anything with Charlotte piques my interest. There's someone who deserves her Oscar moment.
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  15. When we say 'first serious role' does this mean she won't be playing the same part she does in everything else? I'm intrigued (also Janet McTeer is amazing)
  16. I think a few of these comedy gwerls saw Awkwafina do a very successful left turn into acclaimed Serious Role territory last year and want a piece. It could be a mess, but the names signed up are decent.
  17. Her delivery of the word cunt in Nymphomaniac was better than 90% of the best actress roles that year - or any year! - and I simply won't hear otherwise.

  18. Putting this here because I find it fascinating to look back on and see how accurate they are!

    I’d really love Kirsten to have a long overdue Oscars moment.
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