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Oscar Bait 2021 - 22

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. Hell yeah! I didn’t realize till yesterday that Paul Dano was originally cast in this role and I gotta say I don’t know if that movie would have worked.
  2. Paul was originally cast as George, I think? (with Elisabeth Moss as Rose). Peter needed to have demon twink energy.

    On the topic of The Power of the Dog, I’m reading the book now in advance of rewatching the film - highly recommend! It gives more background on Peter’s father for one.
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  3. Oh that makes much more sense, I was misinformed.
  4. I can't say much regarding his acting, but I am pretty impressed with Ansel's voice on the soundtrack. He pulls off the songs really well. Maria is especially good.

  5. Was hoping Cage would take it for Pig. Oh well, Benedict is genuinely great in the film so he’s deserving.

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  6. I still haven’t seen House Of Gucci, but Kathryn Hunter is the real WTF for me here. She's great but it's a pretty tiny role!
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  7. Wow! She’s just gone from “probable nominee” to “contending for the win” in my eyes…

    Good for her (even if I was rooting for a Tessa Thompson win to keep her in the race)
  8. If they were gonna use the award to highlight an underdog I wish they would have given it to Ruth Negga.
  9. I think that Ruth was in the unenviable position of being a front runner before the season and is in danger of slipping through the cracks. Passing not being recognised much so far concerns me - it (and Ruth and Tessa especially) really NEEDS passion from critics to sustain its chances across the board… this is not a film traditionally baity to Oscar voters.
  10. Kathryn Hunter is astonishing in Macbeth. Not at all sure what she was doing but I loved it. The weirdness will almost certainly put off Academy voters though.

    It's a tiny role. Will be almost Beatrice Straightian is she gets in.

    Really disappointed in Cumberbatch's win. I was counting on NYFC to get the Simon Rex ball rolling.
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  11. Totally missed these.......



    “The Green Knight” (A24)
    “The Lost Daughter” (Netflix) – WINNER
    “Passing” (Netflix)
    “Pig” (NEON)
    “Test Pattern” (Kino Lorber)


    “Ascension” (MTV Documentary Films)
    “Faya Dayi” (Janus Films)
    “Flee” (NEON) – WINNER
    “President” (Greenwich Entertainment)
    “Summer of Soul (…Or, When The Revolution Could Not Be Televised)” (Searchlight Pictures, Onyx Collective, Hulu)


    “Azor” (MUBI)
    “Drive My Car” (Sideshow and Janus Films) – WINNER
    “The Souvenir Part II” (A24)
    “Titane” (NEON)
    “What Do We See When We Look at the Sky?” (MUBI)
    “The Worst Person in the World” (NEON)


    Maggie Gyllenhaal for “The Lost Daughter” (Netflix) – WINNER

    Edson Oda for “Nine Days” (Sony Pictures Classics)
    Rebecca Hall for “Passing” (Netflix)
    Emma Seligman for “Shiva Baby” (Utopia Distribution)
    Shatara Michelle Ford for “Test Pattern” (Kino Lorber)


    “The Card Counter,” Paul Schrader (Focus Features)
    “El Planeta,” Amalia Ulman (Utopia Distribution)
    “The Green Knight,” David Lowery (A24)
    “The Lost Daughter,” Maggie Gyllenhaal (Netflix) – WINNER
    “Passing,” Rebecca Hall (Netflix)
    “Red Rocket,” Sean Baker & Chris Bergoch (A24)


    Olivia Colman in “The Lost Daughter” (Netflix) – WINNER (TIE)
    Frankie Faison in “The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain” (Gravitas Ventures) – WINNER (TIE)

    Michael Greyeyes in “Wild Indian” (Vertical Entertainment)
    Brittany S. Hall in “Test Pattern” (Kino Lorber)
    Oscar Isaac in “The Card Counter” (Focus Features)
    Taylour Paige in “Zola” (A24)
    Joaquin Phoenix in “C’mon C’mon” (A24)
    Simon Rex in “Red Rocket” (A24)
    Lili Taylor in “Paper Spiders” (Entertainment Squad)
    Tessa Thompson in “Passing” (Netflix)


    Reed Birney in “Mass” (Bleecker Street)
    Jessie Buckley in “The Lost Daughter” (Netflix)
    Colman Domingo in “Zola” (A24)
    Gaby Hoffmann in “C’mon C’mon” (A24)
    Troy Kotsur in “CODA” (Apple) – WINNER
    Marlee Matlin in “CODA” (Apple)
    Ruth Negga in “Passing” (Netflix)


    Emilia Jones in “CODA” (Apple) – WINNER

    Natalie Morales in “Language Lessons” (Shout! Studios)
    Rachel Sennott in “Shiva Baby” (Utopia Distribution)
    Suzanna Son in “Red Rocket” (A24)
    Amalia Ulman in “El Planeta” (Utopia Distribution)


    “The Harder They Fall” – WINNER

    Three big awards so far. Three different Best Actress winners. None of them Kristen Stewart.
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  12. Saw C'mon C'mon today. Joaquin Phoenix and Gaby Hoffmann were both fantastic, but I think it might be a bit low key to make much impression with the Academy. Shame really.
  13. I’m happy to

    - see The Worst Person In The World getting some early awards season love,
    - report that The Power Of The Dog floored me. Every actor is pitch perfect and so is the pacing, the tension throughout is so thick you could cut it with a knife, every frame is like a painting … Bravo, Jane Campion.
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  14. Its so frustrating how long of a wait its going to be to see The Worst Person In The World.
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  15. Just watched this. A career best from Tessa, and Ruth (who, controversially, I thought should actually have won the year she was nominated) is astonishing.

    Also astonishing, but for different reasons: Netflix barely waiting for the credits to roll (after that last scene!) before trying to show me the trailer for fucking Last Christmas. Say what you like about the cinema, but at least you don't have to deal with that BS.
  16. She almost had it.

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  17. Last Night in Sono was awful. I'm a huge Wright fan but this was just a poorly written repetitive mess.

    I can't wait to watch Drive My Car.
  18. Don’t get too excited. The NY critics are spilling all the tea about what went on during deliberations:

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  19. I saw a preview of Belfast last night. I’d describe it as “nice”. It’s a pretty horrific story in places but it does have heart at the centre of it. But is it award worthy? I’d say not. In places, it reminded me of a BBC One Sunday night drama.

    Maybe it’s because the subject is close to home and I’ve witnessed sectarianism in first hand but I’ve seen other dramas deal with the subject much more successfully than this does.
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