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Oscar Bait 2021 - 22

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. The Power of the Dog was good but it could have gone a bit harder. It was just a little too subtle. Kodi Smith-McPhee was really the star here, cutting an impressive line between vulnerable and threatening. Every scene he wasn’t in suffered from the lack of his presence.

    Drive My Car…one of the year’s absolute best. While I do stan slow cinema, I usually begrudge any movie that dares run to 3 hours but this runtime felt really necessary for such a rich, thoughtful and deeply felt film. The payoff is an emotionally complex and enormously moving ending but the slow, careful journey to that point is just as meaningful and profound, in all its seeming mundanity. I loved it.
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  2. Kodi Smith-McPhee needs a nomination.
  3. Maybe I am in a minority but Kristen Stewart didn't really blow me away. I think Kristen was too erratic in most of the scenes, too aggressive in every single line and it almost gives me theater vibes when its melodramatic. I don't remember Diana whispering that much while speaking and the 2-3 seconds pauses between lines were too much. I get that they were trying to show Diana's vulnerable mental state but it all seemed a bit too much. think its the movie's fault though, the narrative it was chosen. Larrain is just that kind of director you either enjoy or not. I mean, Natalie Portman was amazing in Jackie but like Spencer, the movie is a bit of a snooze.
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  4. I'm always paranoid about the Oscars losing their remaining cultural influence so I'd actually love it if they awarded Dune nn. Movies don't have to be low budget to be good!!!
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  5. When was the last time a big budget film won Best Picture? Return of the King?
  6. While I'd imagine the stars' salaries accounted for a fair chunk of it, The Departed cost $90 million so I'd say that was the last big budget one.
  7. I mean, Dune and West Side Story are definitely Best Picture possibilities at this point.
  8. I think West Side Story might run off with Dune’s populist appeal narrative. But it’ll be cute if the latter picks up some technical awards.
  9. Do we see Licorice Pizza getting a Best Picture nom? All I ever hear about it is the age gap discourse.
  10. LTG


    Almost certainly I think, with going back to the guaranteed 10 nominees.
  11. Being the Ricardos is... a B-/C tier West Wing episode about Lucille Ball. The screenplay, while good, is not Sorkin's best but my biggest issue was the direction, it's so lifeless.

    Nicole is great but my heart is still with Kristen, queen of 2021 biopics.
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  12. Considering the director and the reviews I'd assume it's a dead cert. In fact It's in the running for a win.
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  13. Hated West Side Story.

    It's ugly and boring and REALLY fucking long with none of the energy of the original.

    Why the fuck do people kee casting ostrich necked, charisma vacuum Ansel Elgort in stuff??? Face of an angel, screen presence of a wood pile.
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  14. Edu


    Mike Faist had no right to be that hot in West Side Story. And Ariana DeBose had no right to be that good! I really want Kirsten to get her statuette... Someday. But not for that movie and not when there's such a better performance like Ariana as Anita.
  15. Coda was lovely, it would be a shame if Marlee doesn’t get a nomination.
  16. Loved West Side Story. Where it mostly improves from the original film is how dynamic the camera work is. There were so many wide shots during the dance scenes where you could see the full routines but the camera didn't just stay still like it was recording a staged piece, it moved along with the characters and felt alive with them. The new script made the characters feel more three dimensional or at the very least not like caricatures. They incorporated Spanish in such a natural way and I loved that they didn't use subtitles, though I'm curious to see how non-Spanish speakers thought about that.

    The movie was not ruined by Ansel Elgort's presence but it was barely improved by it. I bought his chemistry with Rachel Zegler and Mike Faist, but he was at his best with Rita Moreno. But there's definitely other actors out there who would've been better in the role. I want Faist, Zegler and DeBose to crash their respective categories. I don't even have words for how good they were.
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  17. I actually thought West Side Story was amazing! I went to see it last night and I’m still reeling this morning.

    The entire cast were superb, and I’ve heard a lot of mixed stuff about Ansel Elgort as Tony, but I thought he was great and just as good as the other actors - not a weak link at all and he has a wonderful voice.

    It doesn’t stray too far from the original film or stage production, however the inclusion of new settings, dialogue and the fact that all the Puerto Rican characters are played by Latinx actors makes this movie totally worthwhile.

    Spielberg’s choice for a lot of non-subtitled Spanish exchanges and more real violence vs. dance-fighting make this film seem way more authentic and realistic than every other version (stage & film) that I’ve seen before.

    The camera work is some of the best I’ve seen in any film and there is one particular shot during “Maria” involving lights reflected in a puddle that I think is quite possible the most beautiful shot I’ve seen in any movie ever! This is my favourite version of my favourite musical.
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  18. Finally watched The Power Of The Dog - the film was good, the visuals were amazing, the acting was excellent across the board and Kirsten absolutely deserves her flowers for this role. I’ve always hated Benedict so it was very easy to see him as a vile sociopath.
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  19. I’ve never seen a stage show, the remake, or the original, but I have a weird feeling West Side Story is the one to beat.
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