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Oscar Bait 2021 - 22

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. I sorta still don't know how I feel about Titane on the whole without a rewatch, but I actually feel bad for any of you girlies who may not get the chance to see THIS opening scene in a theatre with a great soundsystem.

    Maybe my favourite movie moment of the year.

    Also the fact it was snubbed by the Globes??? Okay rot away even more! You old bitches can't even FUCK cars
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  2. I mean, this one you can blame Von Trier for. She got raves and was seen as a major Oscar contender right after the film premiered and then Von Trier made his “I understand Hitler, I’m a Nazi” comment. It immediately killed the films buzz and she got associated with the comment by default.
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    They all look thrilled to be there.
  4. Why are they doing roundtables remotely? Isn't life full steam ahead in LA right now? Couldn't they sit in a socially distanced room or get a bigger table? Let's not pretend any of these women are holed away in their home offices 24/7...
  5. I still think about the scene where Alexia/Adrien dances on top of a firetruck in front of all those hypermasculine, shirtless and sweaty firemen on a daily basis. It’s poetic, it’s moving, it’s kind of disturbing, it’s … art?
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  6. If even the Globes didn't nominate Jennifer Hudson then her Oscar chances have to be dead, surely?
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  7. Licorice Pizza was an enormous slog that not even Alana could save.

    Though I gagged at her sisters and parents also being in the film!
  8. Wasn’t she submitted in Drama? If so, then I’ll wait for SAG before I count her out…


    All feel definite


    Both feel vulnerable


    At least one of these will break into the nominees but god knows who and at the expense of who!

    One year into new BAFTA rules and we know to look out for the clear “Top Two Chapter Vote” picks in the 6 nominees as definites for Oscar… this year I reckon any combination of Stewart/Colman/Gaga as the obvious Top 2 with the third and everyone else above (bar one) being ignored by the jury.

    That’s the exception of Tessa Thompson - she deserves at least one major nomination and is almost guaranteed to get it from the jury here (especially after being so criminally unnoticed during the season so far and with Passing being a “British” film)… the other 3 will be passion picks (look out for Joanna Scanlan and Claire Rushbrook) way left of centre from Oscar and its precursors…
  9. She really deserved a supporting nom for Eternal Sunshine, too.
  10. Her big scene wrecks me every time.

    Marie Antoinette feels like such a glaring snub in retrospect given what a cult classic it’s gone on to become. Ahead of her time etc.
  11. I think JHud would've faired better in these award conversations if the film had been released alongside the likes of Spencer and Gucci. I feel sort of bad that even after being subjected to so many delays they still got the release date wrong which has flubbed her chances.
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  12. It probably says a lot for the strength of the competition this year that Frances McDormand, playing actual Lady Macbeth, is on the fringes of the conversation.
  13. If all films were equal etc, Joanna Scanlan would be in the conversation for all of these awards. A stunning performance. I'd be very happy with her winning the BAFTA.
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  14. LTG


  15. C’mon C’mon annoyed me so much. I didn’t hate it but I was annoyed almost the entire runtime. The precocious brat archetype being treated with too much reverence by a lot of insipid, easily intimidated adults reminded me of my time in “gifted” youth education a bit *too* much.

    Also I’m sorry but this movie borrowed very liberally from Wim Wenders’ Alice in the Cities. The character dynamics, setting, aesthetic and general visual motifs…hmm. Suspicious. Of course it held none of the grit and mystery that made that film so special but tbh that’s kind of the A24 way - lovely window-dressing but not much more happening beyond that.
  16. I finally watched King Richard since it's leaving HBO Max this weekend and I thought it was good. I feel like there was something missing though, something about it that didn't match up to how stellar the performances were. Will was obviously great but Aunjanue Ellis was also really good, and their scenes together were amazing. The actresses playing Serena and Venus were so charming!

    I also watched Coda and it's a wonderful little movie. It could so easily veer into more cliche territory but it walks the line so well it never once tilts in that direction. I'm glad it's getting Oscar buzz and I hope it manages to score some nominations. The scene
    where the father asks the daughter to sing while he has his hands on her throat so he can feel her vocal chords is one of my favorite scenes of the year, it made me cry
  17. I didn't love Titane but it's the only film out of this current batch I've seen that I simply can't stop thinking about.
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  18. Same! I was really into it for the first 45 minutes when it is a thriller and sort of lost interest with the family drama second part, but it still is full of incredible scenes which are difficult to forget. It deserves recognition and accolades. The two leads particularly, both are incredible, and Agathe has a very bright future ahead of her!
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  19. Oh hell yeah

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