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Oscar Bait 2021 - 22

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. I wasn't taken with the film at all. Am currently in the middle of the book to see if it helps it click with me. Will rewatch as soon as I'm finished but I just didn't find Benny convincing. Totally get what you're both saying though.
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  2. I secretly want Kristen to win just because it will destroy “the rules of winning an Oscar” for future Best Actress races… flopped to some degree at all precursors and took the crown? History-making (well, Marcia Gay Harden but still…)
  3. Fair enough if you're not a fan of him or his performance but maybe don't go and attack his appearance? It's not needed.
  4. No one has ever missed a SAG nomination in lead and won the Oscar. Of course, records are there to be broken but it feels like a wide open race.
  5. I kind of do think Kirsten will win Supporting. Even though its her first nomination ever, there does seem to be a Kiki resurgence thats happened over the last few years. And I think that quote she gave a couple years ago about being bummed she's never really been recognized for anything despite doing all the stuff she's supposed to getting so much traction will actually benefit her. It makes her peers go "Oh yea, Kirsten Dunst! It is weird she's never gotten one of these".

    Kristen is my vote for Best Actress, but I recognize it maybe looks unlikely right now. But this is a weird year. No frontrunners. The only nominee I'm kind of hoping won't get it is Olivia - not because she isn't deserving (I really enjoy her), but just because she won so recently. After Francis got 2 so close together, lets break it up a bit.
  6. I don't think West Side Story performed strongly enough in noms to make Debose a lock, but I think she's still out in front with Dunst as the only real challenge.
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  7. Does its performance elsewhere really matter that much though? It's got seven nominations in total; If Beale Street Could Talk only had three and yet Regina King was always winning.
  8. Regina dominated every precursor minus Bafta and none of her other nominees had any traction. I think this comparison only really works if she had a serious competitor. Dog overperformed in nominations so it's clear it left a stronger mark with voters.
  9. Regina actually missed the SAG nomination too - which was crazy at the time as she was already Emmy royalty so it seemed to be a given…

    I can’t call Supporting Actress - we presume from the nominations that Ellis and DeBose were Top 2 with BAFTA… yet Best Actress shows that this metric is wholly unreliable (and Ellis missed SAG).

    DeBose is our front runner but I’m not counting out Dunst or Ellis.

    (cries silently as he remembers that he thought Negga would take it if she got the expected nomination)
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  10. Yeah, I think we need a few more awards to happen to fully gauge supporting actress.
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  12. “Worst performance of her career”

    This reviewer hasn’t seen Equals or The Messengers.
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  13. Hyperbole for clicks. Nothing to see here.
  14. I saw 'Mass' last night. Poor Ann Dowd.
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  15. If I remember correctly the screeners weren't available in time.
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  16. Okay but for all the Dowd buzz, Plimpton was really the MVP of the movie in my opinion. Everyone was great but I never saw that performance coming from her.
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  17. Island

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  18. But this one doesn’t have Gaga popping out for a jump scare just like the article!!
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  19. Girlies are we gonna do a Fantasy Draft this year? It’s always lots of fun and I came joined first last year so I wanna hold on to that crown !

    On top of that I’d also be interested in having all of us lot vote on the nominees and announce our own winners - but that’s not as big of a job and I’d be happy to organise that closer to the time.
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