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Oscar Bait 2021 - 22

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. I hope so. I’m still dining out on my flukey win from last year (Hopkins and McDormand - talk about a lucky selection of whatever was left!)
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  2. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    I…really like Drive My Car…maybe? Frankly it is a chore to get through and makes some pretty big errors along the way, but then it defies all expectations and sticks the landing in the most incredible way. I truly have no idea how to feel about it, and I love that feeling.

    Unless CODA really blows me away, I think it’s the one I’m rooting for for Best Picture.
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  3. Cate Blanchett in Nightmare Alley:

    Me: We come to this place... for magic.
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  4. I watched Nightmare Alley this weekend and liked parts of it more than the whole. I thought sections of the movie dragged needlessly and it would have benefited tremendously from some smart editing, especially through the first half of the film. The end was satisfying, but it would have been even more so if it didn't take so long to get there. Bradley and Cate were both fantastic, though.
  5. LTG


  6. rdp


    I guess it's not as embarassing as the mythical "Best Popular Movie" category, but...
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  7. Cheer moment? I vote for "that's alright, that's OK, you're gonna pump our gas someday!"
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  8. They met with Jon Hamm? In 2022?
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  9. Oh fuck yeah
  10. I'm definitely interested. I love Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes is hilarious. Amy is hit or miss with me but this could be really great.

    Please let there be a tribute to Brenda moment.
  11. Regina?! Yas! Wouldn't have guessed these 3 in a million years but I'm pretty damn thrilled with the selection. I hope this means they're giving Regina a retrospective award for her work as Brenda in the Scary Movie franchise just before greenlighting the reboot with her and Anna returning to star.
  12. I was not expecting this lineup, but I will happily take it. It's safe... but not boring.

    I'm happy they went with pros with legit comic chops and not a couple of hot young stars because they (stupidly) thought that would cause the TikTok generation to tune into a 94 year old awards show. From the Super Bowl to the Oscars it feels like us geriatric millennials are having our moment.
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  13. They’re flailing, and it is something to see. Twitter polls, three hosts with different, conflicting styles, it’s such a bizarre thing they’re trying to do.

    The show is so simple - dial up the glamour, cut the insincere appeals to ‘the average guy/wine mom’, stop the half-hearted political posturing, and actually celebrate the films and sell the industry a bit. But instead they look more desperate every year.
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  14. This feels disingenuous. Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph have very different styles, but they have effortless chemistry together. And until you've seen it you're really not in any position to know that Schumer, Hall and Sykes' humour will be "conflicting". I'm hopeful that you'll be eating your words!
  15. rdp


    These tweets sum it up for me

    The Oscars are the industry awards, plain and simple. The way the producers of the show seem so embarrassed by that fact is so ridiculous

    Also the pressure of featuring more "popular" movies in the telecast is a ridiculous thing by itself when this is the same ceremony that has given prizes to like, fucking Rami Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody. They have never been a particularly highbrow group, but apparently they're still not lowbrow enough for Disney's taste
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  16. What do those tweets sum up? The original tweet is not even making a coherent point.

    Don't just award the ten most popular films in an attempt to boost the ratings? Well, I mean, half the Best Picture list are films nobody saw, so...
  17. People would watch the Oscars if the Oscars met the audience where they live, which is on streaming platforms. They air the ceremony on the Disney owned ABC network, and they also own most of Hulu and they have Disney+. They don't really have a Netflix number of subscribers but they have a decent base who would watch the Oscars if the ceremony was being livestreamed at the same time they were airing on ABC.

    Half of the nominees this year are from movies that either debuted on streaming services or had a simultaneous theater/streaming release, it's kind of ridiculous to keep the actual ceremony strictly restricted to network tv when they can host it simultaneously on different platforms.
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