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Oscar Bait 2021 - 22

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. I don't think the host options are sweaty by any means. It shows they at least has some internal guidance based on more than just what twitter wants or who has the broadest appeal.
  2. I feel like people talk about "films nobody saw" being nominated as if it's a new thing, but...it's not? If you look at the Best Picture nominees from 20 years ago, In The Bedroom wasn't exactly a smash and Moulin Rouge was just about saved by its international box office after a disappointing performance in the US.

    And if nobody has seen a film that's been accessible on the world's most popular streaming service for three months now, maybe that's not the film's fault?
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  3. Who said it was? I just said it's not a populist list or indeed ceremony in the way that critics (some of whom won't be impressed by anything the Oscars does) like to imply.
  4. I’d argue those three women do a different variation of the same thing, and they also had a history of working together for years. They also weren’t the hosts, they just opened the show.

    This year, they’re using three different hosts for each hour of the show, with Schumer opening and then transitioning as the night goes on. It’s just a bizarre way of doing it. I don’t care whether I’m eating my words or not, it’s the film’s industry’s one night to really sell itself in a live event that has some cultural (albeit waning) significance and history, but they somehow lack the knowledge on how to actually produce a decent show.
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  5. Flee is incredible. One of the rare occasions I've seen an audience leave in complete silence.

    I would hate to be the one choosing between this and Summer Of Soul for best documentary.
  6. Sadly, ABC makes too much from ad revenue and the Academy makes too much on their international sales of the broadcast, to make streaming of the event possible. It's the case for countless live events these days, and will continue to lead them further into cultural irrelevance, but so long that's where the money is, reaching the zeitgeist will remain second priority.
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  7. I don't know, I feel like the constant chatter of whether the Oscars are relevant anymore shows that they are. When something doesn't matter much anymore and people are losing interest there isn't a ton of conversation about it. People are outraged over what they see as the academy's short sightings. There is still outrage over snubs. Every year twitter goes round in circles over who should or shouldn't host. That doesn't happen for something thats losing relevance.
  8. I don't think this is the case at all. Most people still have basic cable - nearly 100M people just watched the Super Bowl on NBC. Putting the Oscar's on Disney+ wouldn't change the fact that the general public just doesn't care all that much about them anymore. Especially when the show is all about the live element of seeing who wins and who wore what... streaming an even like that would be essentially useless. The issue isn't where they're airing, it's very simply that times have changed, people have more options, and they're just not all that interested.
  9. rdp


    Is it time to open the 22/23 thread dd

    This looks suprisingly muted for a Baz movie
  10. LTG


    Bazmark coming for the acclaim
  11. All those crotch shots. I appreciate you Baz, so much.

  12. Cate stanning Penélope = Gay rights
  13. Yes!
  14. The June release date is surprising for what looks like prime Oscar bait.

    I don't think anyone would be mad about Tom winning a third time though, particularly since he gets taken for granted most of the time.
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  15. Tom's accent...sis
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  16. Tom and Leo both have a history of atrocious, distractingly bad accents that everyone just...ignores.
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Why did I think the hashtag in the top left corner was #Gays2022 hh
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  18. The Hanks snubbing over the years has been baffling. There's nearly a dozen times since his back to back wins that he could easily have been nommed but the Academy decided to ignore him. The Captain Phillips sub remains one of the most shocking in Academy history.

    Having said that the unnecessary and distracting makeup here makes me kinda hope he's not in the running this year.

    The accent is cos Colonel Tom Parker was Dutch. I have no idea if it's authentic or not.
  19. The way Austin Butler is lit completely rubberises his face asdfgh. He looks like he’s in full prosthetics in some shots.

    Needless to say the film looks like absolute ass.
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  20. I don’t know why but on a rewatch the trailer gives me Jersey Boys vibes. And I walked out of the theatre halfway into the film because of how exceedingly boring it was.
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