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Oscar Bait 2021 - 22

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. The Green Book Bohemian Rhapsody Industrial Complex is going to eat that shit up.
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  2. It's actually kind of surprising that this is the first major biopic of Elvis now that I think about it. I know there've been TV and B-movies, but nothing of this scale.
  3. LTG


    I need Megalopolis in my life
  4. I just need the academy to start outright rejecting music biopics. They have gotten so tedious.
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  5. Nightmare Alley looked beautiful but I honestly found it to be a meandering slog, only brightened upon the arrival of Queen Cate.
  6. rdp


    Disney/ABC making up an award to get more MCU movies on the telecast only to get hijacked by Camila Cabello stans would be a scream so yes make it happen
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  7. Not KKKamila getting an Oscar before Glenn Close!
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  8. Nn Johnny Depp fans on twitter are deranged.
  9. Substitute literally any celebrity name in this sentence and it’s still true.
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  10. Feeling crazy today and deciding that my acting predictions are Will Smith, Penelope Cruz, Troy Kotsur and Kirsten Dunst. It would be one of the best quartets ever, actually.
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  11. I think Will has it in the bag and I can definitely see Kirsten getting it ahead of Ariana.

    Other two are tougher to call, but I watched CODA last night and a Troy Kotsur win wouldn't be undeserved, although Kodi Smit-McPhee would be my preference. Also Emilia Jones was fantastic and one of quite a few who would have been more deserving of Nicole's spot.
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  12. And now the announcement that they’re discarding a handful of awards off of the live broadcast.

    When will these people ever learn?
  13. Didn’t we try this twice before and it backfired massively?

    I know the Oscars are just Hollywood up their own ass but those people deserve to have their moment for working hard on their craft.

    I give them until Friday.
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  14. Why do The Academy hate The Oscars so much???
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  15. All of the awards are still being shown during the telecast. They're just handing them out earlier and then editing them into the live show to streamline things.

    Several major Academy Awards will not be presented on the air during this year’s Oscars in an effort to present a more streamlined and television-friendly broadcast. Eight honors will instead be awarded during off-air parts of the show and then edited into the telecast, Variety has confirmed. The Oscars recognize 23 categories in total, but the show has been criticized for being long-winded and its ratings have struggled in recent years.

    The awards that will be handed out earlier in the ceremony are for documentary short, film editing, makeup and hairstyling, original score, production design, animated short, live action short and sound. The ceremony will start one hour before the on-camera portion begins in order to accommodate the changes. Clips of the speeches will be folded into the live televised broadcast. That’s similar in approach to what the Tony Awards and other televised ceremonies have done with awards that recognize technical achievements.
  16. But we know how it’s going to go - short little clips before or after a commercial, in categories that often have multiple winners, the lot of them deprived of their once in a lifetime moment, and flicked off like dust, despite being integral to making movies.

    Like, it’s funny watching the people who want to “save the Oscars” be the ones take it apart, little by little. Suffer, I guess!
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  17. And to what end? To give more time to focus on Camila Cabello’s “Cinderella” winning a Twitter poll?
    It’s shitty when they do it on the Tonys too!
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  18. No-one's going to watch that either.

    The ratings for everything on broadcast TV in the US are in the toilet. It's been the case for years. Maybe the Superbowl is immune to the decline, but the Oscars aren't and none of these changes are going to make the slightest bit of difference.
  19. jtm


    And suspiciously, the selection of awards that remain live in the telecast seems a bit random - until you notice that they kept e.g. Visual Effects because the nominated movies are very commercial. It‘s a farce.
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  20. And again, no-one will give a shit. Even the most hardened Spider-Man stan on the planet isn't going to sit through a three hour ceremony to see if it wins a visual effects Oscar.
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