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Oscar Bait 2021 - 22

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. True, but it makes up for VFX professionals being the butt of the joke in the award presentation for THEIR OWN CATEGORY during the 2020 ceremony, dd

  2. The way it's been announced and the words used in the Academy letter makes me think we're not going to see the same kind of rejection of the idea from the industry.

    The biggest problem for us Oscar fans will be the winners inevitably being spoiled before the telecast as it's the case with the BAFTAs. Producers are also saying the ceremony inside Dolby Theater will start an hour before the telecast. That means the red carpet will have to finish an hour before the start of the show. Meaning ABC will probably have to do their Oscar preshow on tape delay. The idea a few years ago to have the "minor" categories announced during commercial breaks and then edited later in the show sounds like a better solution (although it probably makes for a tighter schedule).

    Obviously I don't think this is going to boost the ratings and change the course of the inevitable rating drop the Oscars are going through, much like any other award show. I wonder what the long-term plan end up being? Split the Oscars into two different shows like the Tony and Grammy Awards? With part one being on Hulu and the big show on ABC? Or the Academy signing a deal with a deep pocketed streaming service that can use it as some sort of prestige brand opportunity (Amazon or Apple)? I can even imagine ABC and Amazon splitting the rights, with Amazon showing the awards live and ABC showing a two-hour highlight show late that night or the next day...
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  3. I love the take, but it’s sadly unrealistic in the marketplace as it stands now

    So let me put it as clearly as I can: Someone who is angry that a film like The Power of the Dog was nominated for Best Picture over Spider-Man: No Way Home is not a person who has ever given a shit about the Oscars, and the Oscars should stop worrying about trying to get that person to watch the Oscars. Someone who gets bored at the idea of watching editors or sound mixers or production designers win awards is not a person who will ever be a member of your audience. Someone who actively doesn’t want to see David Lynch or Liv Ullmann win a Lifetime Achievement award is not someone who cares about movies. Someone who decides to watch the Oscars because it’s only three hours long this year instead of three hours and 20 minutes long is … not a person that actually exists. In pandering to these people, some of whom may well be imaginary, the Academy is alienating its actual audience.
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  4. Rewatched West Side Story tonight and ended up loving it more. I'm so happy I got to watch it in a theater with my mom who also loved it, but it's just as great watching it at home. I hope people give it a shot once it hits streaming because it's one of the best movies of the year. It deserved to match Power of the Dog's 12 noms at the Oscars (also Spielberg, make another musical please)
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  5. I didn't enjoy Power of the Dog at all. And I'm a Jane Campion fan. I didn't feel like it was as suspenseful as people were saying - wasn't Kodi cast because he essentially has a distinct face? The moment he looks a bit looney, which is quite early in the film, you know he's done something and it's just expected by the time the ending rolls in. Kirsten and Jesse, though? Give them those awards! The scene in the mountain touched me like no other in a long time.
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  6. Flee was…overwhelming. Something about Amin’s bashful, almost girlish laugh when recounting moments of levity amid all the unfathomable suffering wiped me out. It’s a beautiful documentary but, good god, those moments of beauty are hard won.
  7. I didn’t find it very suspenseful but more…brooding? Simmering? I don’t know. But I love it more and more the more I think about it.

    Peaches Christ described it as a movie about the power of sissies and I’m obsessed with that perspective. It’s part Rope, part Sleepaway Camp. Lowkey “homosexuality is pathology,” but also totally cathartic. We’re sneaky little cunts—and we should be!
  8. They really are. It's an astonishing film.

    Seems a shame that it's likely to walk away empty handed - Drive My Car in International Feature seems the most nailed-on victory in any category this year, and I'm guessing Encanto and Summer of Soul take the Animated and Documentary prizes.
  9. It really is a shame this flopped.

  10. Ariana DeBose and Troy Kotsur are the Supporting Actor winners at SAG tonight. I thought Kodi had SAG + the Oscar on lock. This whole year continues to feel pretty unpredictable from nominations to wins.
  11. rdp


    Kinda expected that Troy Kotsur could prevail at the industry awards because of his narrative and how young Kodi is, but the Oscars also have been going for some unexpected choices lately so who knows

    Also idk why but I have a feeling that Gags is winning this one
  12. I hope Jessica wins the Oscar after tonight.
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  13. The momentum for CODA has begun. Really hoping it can upset in Best Picture.
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  14. That was a great group honestly. This season is so odd because I would be so happy if four out of five of the nominees in any given acting category win, but really mad if that one person wins (I just hate Being the Ricardos so much).

    It's very funny that some pundits were counting on the fact that Will Smith hasn't really been campaigning, or showing up at critic awards and now he's won the Globe and SAG. He probably won't win BAFTA but wouldn't it be great if he did? But again, I don't think there's a wrong potential winner in the Best Actor bunch except Bardem.
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  15. I’m seeing a lot of tweets saying ‘so Jessica’s winning the Oscar then’. Have we learned nothing? I truly believe any of the 5 nominees could take it home. If anything, Jessica’s win throws it even further open than if Nicole had won.

    This is cute:

    I am kinda surprised Marlee didn’t sneak into Supporting Actress in the end. Her speech was so good last night that I wonder if that had happened before Oscar voting if she could have snuck in. I would have definitely swapped her for Judi.
  16. I watched The Power Of The Dog yesterday, why does it have 12 nominations, am I missing something? I found it very boring and just too slow at times. I just don't get it.
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  17. LTG


    I wouldn’t be surprised at Troy winning the Oscar and I’m glad neither of the Being the Ricardos cast won.

    CODA would be a huge upset if it won best picture, as you’d be going back to the 20s and 30s for a film to win BP with fewer than 4 total nominations. I imagine Apple will just be pushing for Troy as the most likely win.
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  18. I liked The Power of the Dog well enough but comparing it to her best works - An Angel at my Table, The Piano, In the Cut - it lacks the daring and aesthetic beauty you’d expect from Miss Campion. It was borderline bland by her high standards.
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  19. King Richard is a reasonable price on Prime now so I might watch it this week, just to complete the acting categories.

    Outside of that, if the Oscar results mirror the SAG ones I'd be happy.
  20. LTG


    Will’s probably the weakest of the main cast, but he goes all in and he’s not bad. Not his best work but a worthy career Oscar.
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