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Oscar Bait 2021 - 22

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. Island

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    Marlee fangirling over Meryl was cute.
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  2. Looks like they needn't have bothered delaying Cyrano because of Omicron; it's flopped so badly that most cinemas are pulling it after a single week. I booked to see it tomorrow and at the moment I've got the place to myself.
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  3. I liked CODA but it doesn’t need to win anything more than supporting at the Oscar’s.
  4. After watching her SAG speech I think Jessica might genuinely combust if she wins the Oscar.
  5. The Worst Person In The World is my favourite the best movie of the year.
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  6. I wonder if this is just down to marketing or some prejudice in the audience / unwillingness to see Peter Dinklage as a romantic lead. The film looks really good so it's a shame.
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    lol you know at least one of the winners from the main categories will go on a speech about this, so really they are just asking to be dragged on national television
  9. Sam Elliott not getting the entire point of the movie. Well.
  10. LTG


    I really wanted to watch The Power of the Dog on a big screen so dragged my friend along this eve. It was advertised as a live intro from Campion but I assumed it would be some video link. She was actually there with her producer Tanya Seghatchian to give a quick 10 minute introduction.
  11. It’s going to be so dumb to know who won awards before seeing them broadcast.
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  12. CODA is literally a Disney Channel movie, and I still bawled my fucking eyes out.
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  13. Ha!
  14. This morning I’m thinking about one of the most iconic millennial acting performances, for which Andrew should already be an Oscar winner…
  15. God, this film is so fucking good.
  16. West Side Story and Drive My Car are on HBO Max now. (At least in the US.)
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  17. And in the UK, WSS is on Disney+ as of yesterday.
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  18. And Drive My Car is coming to MUBI in the UK on 1 April. The Worst Person In The World will also stream there from May, following a cinema release on 25 March.

  19. Ready for Gaga to give us:

  20. The previous year's acting winners normally present the opposite gender equivalent, so I'm surprised Frances McDormand and Daniel Kaluuya aren't on the list (we can presumably count out Anthony Hopkins).
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