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Oscar Bait 2021 - 22

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Jan 9, 2021.

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  2. I described it as like a 70’s after school special starring Shirley Jones and Kristy McNichol.

    Then I discovered this, a literal 70’s After School Special…

    39 6 "Mom and Dad Can't Hear Me" Original teleplay by Irma Reichert and Daryl Warner[44] April 5, 1978

    Teenage Charlie Meredith (Rosanna Arquette) is used to acting as the ears of her deaf parents, but she's ashamed when she introduces her peers to them; because of their reactions, the elder Merediths come off as being out-of-touch.
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    The only awards body I respect!!!

    (C'mon BAFTA give some love to the best performance of the year too)
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  4. The Lead Actress win we truly deserve:
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  6. Will be nice to see Anthony Hopkins get the ovation he so richly deserved last year.
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  7. Come play everyone!
  8. Just finished watching it and the West Side Story remake was meandering except for Ariana Debose and Rachel Zegler. I'll add that Rita Moreno's inclusion was a nice touch but overall I was like that was it?
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  9. Yeah, I loved West Side Story in cinemas and watched it again recently with friends and the pace felt … glacial in critical company. The musical numbers were all great, and the first act and third act were great, but that middle section between America and the Rumble is a slog.
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  10. I spent... months anticipating Parallel Mothers and it still exceeded my expectations. I need Penélope to snatch.
  11. Penélope did what needed to be done and I could not take my eyes off her.

    Bits of the cinematography were fascinating – like, lots of telenova style shots with odd lighting that made certain scenes feel hyperreal and a bit off.
  12. It’s always fun to see the reaction to Parallel Mothers outside of Spain, because the reception here has been mixed.

    I personally thought the movie was a crock of shit but she’s incredible in it and obviously would love for her to win.
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  13. Parallel Mothers felt lumpish and incoherent, especially after something as stylish and sparing as The Human Voice. Quite a disappointment.
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    Good for Maggie winning first feature too.
  15. Nn she ended him.
  16. Jane getting director seems set in stone, maybe Kotsur is the only other sure thing?
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  17. Debose is pretty much a lock. She’s the only other true sweeper this awards season outside of Campion for director.
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    A casting award when the leads of the movie have 0 chemistry between them...?
  19. I kept up with journalists at the DGA Awards and it seemed like a good time. All the directors were very effusive and supportive of each other. My favorite exchanges were in the speeches from Denis Villeneuve and Maggie Gyllenhaal, who respectively spoke about the influence Spielberg and Campion had on them. And then Spielberg and Campion spoke about them highly in their own speeches as well. It's nice, I like it when people are nice to each other!
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