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Oscar Bait 2021 - 22

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. Oh I’m so overjoyed to see Joanna win. This is what I love about the BAFTAs, performances like this actually get a look in.
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  2. LTG


    With Will winning at BAFTA too, I’d be shocked if he doesn’t win the Oscar.
  3. Get somebody who looks at you the same way Gaga looked at Scanlan during her acceptance speech "<3"
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  4. Rebel got better as she went along - Phew!!

    No Lifetime/Fellowship thing this year?

    I should give Power Of The Dog another go as it really didn’t click with me first time round.
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  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I thought Rebel was fun but she was repeating some stuff that.. didn't help (dragging Cats, harassing Benedict dd). So happy with the love for Coda after seeing it at Sundance, it's come so far! And at least Alana did 1 speech.
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    They’re reviewing the process after the Noel Clarke stuff last year. Allegations had been raised with BAFTA before the award was given.
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  7. I was gunning for Smit-McPhee, but honestly Kotsur should take it. His performance wrecked me.
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  8. And just like that, we have several Oscar locks after BAFTA and now CCA

    Will is taking Actor, Debose and Kotsur are taking Supporting and Campion has director.

    Chastain being the frontrunner for Actress is wild to me.
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  9. Kirsten winning every critic prize except for the one on broadcast television. Hateful!

  10. A wildly misjudged joke from Jane Campion. I kinda see how she thought she was doing something, but like … just don’t undermine the Williams sisters, two black women in a white dominated field who have had to overcome much more than she ever has, in literally any way.
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  11. Eh, it falls a little on the ignorant side, but even as someone who’s followed and cheered for Venus and Serena for more than twenty years, it’s not exactly worth getting worked up over.

    Also, I kind of hate the point in every season when certain wins feel inevitable. The Oscars should be the week after the Super Bowl every year.
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  13. I watched The French Dispatch over the weekend and it was low-key terrible?
  14. The Lost Daughter was absolutely chilling. Not a perfect movie, but man did it get me like a punch in the gut. I'm going to be thinking about it for a while.
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  15. Kind of surprised this pairing didn't happen sooner.

    Also! Kristens Chanel cardigan. Kristen is the best dressed celebrity to me. If I were a woman I would wear everything she wears. I would wear things she wears regardless of my gender.
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  16. I’m glad Jane apologised. It’s one of those where it’s not like … the absolute worst thing in the world that could be said, but just why did it need to be said at all? She could have made her (valid!) point in a way which didn’t diminish the Williams sisters or which didn’t bring them up at all.

    I wonder if this will affect her chances at all. Anyone know if the voting is done?

    Also, my god at the length of this season. I can’t believe we still have two more weeks.
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  17. LTG


    Voting’s 17 - 22 March.
  18. Oof, I’m sure this won’t do her any favours.
  19. It was almost a parody of a Wes Anderson film. Just so self-consciously quirky, looked gorgeous but went absolutely nowhere.

    I was pleased by its complete Oscar shut-out but it also left me thinking "great, now do Adam McKay".
  20. I was surprised at how much I loved West Side Story. I assumed it would be an unnecessary remake and pale imitation of the original. I'm so pleased I was so wrong. It's obvious that Spielberg had been waiting half his life to make this film.

    Despite how much he's supported the film adaptation of his work, Sondheim himself has been quoted about his lack of love for film musicals because they rarely work well outside of the live experience. He's noted that, in the theatre, audiences accept musical numbers in which the action pauses and we luxuriate in a moment or emotion, but, in film, the same can be accomplished with just a moment of underscoring or the movement of the camera, rendering most film musicals bloated and unsatisfying.

    I think Spielberg understood that -- he seemed to unite hyperrealism with a heightened sense of theatricality throughout the film. Only a filmmaker with great skill and a great appreciation of the source material could make that happen. There were certain moments that had me pining for the original film ('Cool is much more thrilling in the original, for example), but overall, I was dazzled by the beauty and technique of the filmmaking -- all in the service of the story and the music -- not in opposition to it.

    This is a big, unabashed celebration of cinema. Honestly, as much as I loved Power of the Dog, I'm surprised to find myself saying that if I had a vote, it would go to West Side Story for picture and director.
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