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Oscar Bait 2021 - 22

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. I've seen the "overdue" conversation about Jessica a few times now and she's absolutely not. She's had 3 nominations and has been well known for just a decade now. Glenn Close is overdue. Amy Adams is overdue. Jessica Chastain can wait.

    I'd be fine with Penelope winning. Kristen has been the most visible during the last 2 months. She really went into hyper campaign mode. I want her to win A) obviously because I like her, but B) she would benefit the most from winning. Penelope, Jessica, Olivia, and Nicole are all already winners or multiple nominees. They all already see plenty of Oscar bait scripts and are on that short list of actresses that directors want. Kristen comes in and out of that list, and I think the Oscar win would firmly put her back with Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, and Margot Robbie, which is a category of actresses she was once in and kind of fell out of (largely by choice) but I think she's shown over the last few years she's much more comfortable in that position now and I would like "Hollywood" to see that she's comfortable there now.
  2. I finally watched Tammy Faye and

    It’s really fucking weird to me that one of the made up facts was her water breaking while dry humping her producer like…??????? The choices made for this biopic were so odd.
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  3. It's a biopic about a women who is famous because of a scandal and then barely cover the scandal at all.
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  4. Disney+ in the UK have Nightmare Alley, West Side Story and Eyes Of Tammy Faye, and Prime added Spencer today.
    Oscar binge watching for me over the weekend I feel.
  5. I watched Nightmare Alley last weekend. I absolutely loved it overall, very stylish, great performances etc. but wow, was it a slow-burn for the first...hour or so? Had they trimmed it down/injected more pace into it earlier on I wonder would we see a little more conversation about it. Although there's obviously still the fact that it pretty much bombed at the box office, which has also hurt West Side Story and King Richard.
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  6. Guillermo Del Torro is easily my favourite director, but Nightmare Alley was so boring, except when Cate Blanchett was on screen.
  7. I finally watched The Lost Daughter, loved it, even though it could be a good 15 minutes shorter.

    Having seen all the Leading Actress nominees and @Baby Clyde ’s post I’m certainly hoping Pe gets it. She and Nicole definitely have the worst films but she also has the best performance out of the 5!
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  8. LTG


  9. That article is hilarious.

    "Just give it to Diane Warren, she keeps getting nominated" - how about we stop nominating her for absolute shite instead?
  10. "Missing here is Lady Gaga. She gave a phenomenal performance for the ages."
    "Lady Gaga was on my list, I voted for her."
    "I would've been torn if Lady Gaga had been nominated. I love that she went for it; I think it's the opposite of Jared Leto. She worked her ass off and I couldn't stop watching her. I would've been tempted to push her for it, if nothing else but to see her give a full speech."

  11. The first 45 minutes or so didn’t need to exist at all. I don't care if a film is 90 minutes or four hours, as long as it justifies the investment of whatever time it's asking of you, and this just seemed padded out to me. Plus it completely wastes Toni Collette.
  12. Agreed. I get wanting to show off and play with the whole creepy carnival imagery, but it was excessive. I should say that my perception and experience of the film was somewhat skewed by the fact that I wound up having to watching in two instalments across two nights, which made it feel slightly less of a drag for me, because night two was largely all action.

    That said, the reason I had to split it over two nights is because one of the other people I was watching it with fell asleep after the first hour ddd.

    Best Supporting Actress is just too stacked this year, but any other year I'd have been campaigning for Cate to have gotten a nom.
  13. I need to know what messy gay director this is - surely someone can sleuth it out! Largely great opinions, we love a Riley Keogh in Zola stan.
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  14. I put 20 bucks on Penelope that I'll get paid out 300 for if she wins after seeing that @Baby Clyde post, and now on the front page of GoldDerby:


  15. PFFFT she's already up to #2 out of nowhere on GoldDerby too

    If you can find a betting website that still has her with really low odds, I'd throw 10 bucks at it asap
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  16. Rigga morris.
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  17. I believe in Cate Blanchett supremecy, and she definately deserved a nod over Judy...

    But Nightmare Alley is so damn long, for no damn reason, the plot barely covers the last hour of the film, and it's advertising did not sell it right at all. No wonder it flopped.
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  18. I know Del Toro has 18 projects going at any given time but he really should have just made his At The Mountains of Madness passion project instead of middling efforts such as Nightmare Alley.
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  19. I’m about to secure the bag
  20. I don’t see Coda or Power of the Dog winning tomorrow mainly because the Academy being their backwards self will refuse to award a streaming service best picture.
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