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Oscar Bait 2021 - 22

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. Something tells me Jane isn’t winning and it’s going to Spielberg. Hope I’m wrong.
  2. Honestly, the result I’m now most interested in is whether strangekin makes bank off Baby Clyde’s prediction.
  3. Not Jessica congratulating her fellow nominees on her Insta story and calling Penélope "unparalleled". Ddd. She knows.
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  4. It's down to the two of them, surely. The buzz on Kristen and Nicole is basically dead and while I wouldn't rule out Olivia winning again someday, I can't see it being this soon or for that performance.
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  5. Either way The 355 wins!
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  6. I’m just not sure I believe Penelope is anything more than a gay Twitter collective fever dream. I still think Colman is the likeliest upset.
  7. The uncertainty around Best Actress is killing me. I literally have no idea how I'm going to fill my ballot
  8. LTG


    The worst would be Kidman, but even then it wouldn’t be bad for her to have a second Oscar. Would just be a shame for that film.
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  9. I like the uncertainty! Too often the winner is blindingly obvious even before the nominees are announced (Julia Roberts and Helen Mirren in particular come to mind here)
  10. After failing to get money in Joanna Scanlan in time I made sure my Penelope bets went in early. Got he at 16/1.

    Sorry to those that I persuaded when Nicole inevitably wins.
  11. Do I go for the CODA and Cruz double, the safer Dog and Chastain option, or split the difference in the hope of getting at least one right...

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  12. I think you should go for Kidman and Don't Look Up :)

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  13. Ballot filled with the help of Vanity Fair's Little Gold Men and NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour. As usual.
    Give all the awards during the telecast! EGOT for Lin-Manuel!
  14. Me hoping for a West Side Story, Spielberg and Kristen win so I get over £600
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  15. I placed a bet on Penelope cos I think she actually will win, and loyalty bets for Kirsten Dunst and Beyoncé cos they’re my two best girlies.
  16. I'm far more invested in @strangekin getting money than anything else about the Oscars this year.
  17. I just know the show tonight is gonna be filled with world class buffoonery aimed to bring the general public in that will result in yet another large ratings drop and the Academy disrespecting film fans/Oscar fans continuously.

    Saw the updated presenters list and I fully expect Tony Hawk to present Best Animated Film while doing skateboard tricks on a half pipe, DJ Khaled going live on IG in the audience with celebs during commercial breaks asking them what their favorite Wing Stop sauce is and for the orchestra to play songs going viral on TikTok throughout the night.

    I’m already over it.
  18. I'm a Beyoncé fan but that song is not her best work. Billie all the way.
  19. rdp


    Other awards shows like SAG have been up in ratings from last year, I believe the Oscars will follow suit too and we'll have to deal with the twitter awards being praised as innovative or whatever

    I'm surprised that many people see original song as a Beyoncé vs. Billie battle because I kinda feel like Encanto has it in the bag?
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