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Oscar Bait 2021 - 22

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. rdp


    The way I genuinely bought into the Penélope hype too...

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  2. The way that all the major awards seemed to be handed out in a WTF daze after ‘the incident’.

    Utter mess. Kinda loved it - in an awful way. It was like a Brit Awards from the 90s.

    Yay for CODA. Dune was never gonna get it, but they were my second pick.

    Was the only real shock Belfast over Licorice Pizza? Haven’t seen either, so can’t judge.

    Cant wait to see the viewing figures being lower than ever, and the consequent changes they make for 2023. Honestly!!!
  3. One couple (in my mind) that we didn’t talk about tonight
  4. This show...was a disaster oh my god
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  5. Not condoning or excusing violence but “he could have killed him” is a lot for a single slap. I’m not ready for the headlines tomorrow morning…
  6. It was fucking horrific. Obvs been told by is desperate publicist to namecheck as many women as possibly to try and negate his disgusting behaviour. Properly appalled that people actually stood up. He should have immediately been ejected from the building.
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  7. Very happy for CODA, Power of the Dog was a slow, impenetrable bore and CODA was a genuinely uplifting movie. Flabbergasted at Belfast winning best screenplay, it was such a cliche, corny mess.

    Elated at Jessica Chastain finally getting an Oscar, I am such a stan and she was sensational in Eyes of Tammy Faye.
  8. Ugh so boring that the closest thing to an upset was Coda taking Screenplay. I really hope critics choice and SAG take the BAFTA route next year and bring some personality to the season.
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  9. Can we all agree right now that last year's Best Actor will not be invited back to present??
  10. The pace at the beginning was fine, funny jokes and some WTF moments but by the moment they started to roll-in the "pre-telecast" awards (aka by the second award??) I kinda... spiraled a little. The performances were great and then the Will thing kinda knocked everything else because... no one talked about anything else.

    Gaga reusing her Jazz+Piano suit was a Kii, but it was cute to have her + Liza. Beautiful ending.

    It was interesting after all. I'd rate it as a 7.5. They really just just speed up with the awards instead of doing one every 45 minutes.
  11. We'll have Cher step in to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Moonstruck (instead of the first anniversary of Chrisstruck)
  12. If you are, can I suggest your hosts?

  13. It’ll be 40 years

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  15. Well done!
  17. And the whole slapping thing - everyone is aware that he never even made contact right?
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