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Oscar Bait 2021 - 22

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. BTG


    Jada is such a queen. The fact that she had to sit there and keep dignified composure while one dickhead made her hair loss the butt of a joke on the biggest night of the industry calendar, and another dickhead decided to defend her honour - making the whole joke into an even bigger issue.

    And yet, she’s also the one getting roasted online because she has Will under the thumb or something equally sexist. Gross.
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  2. The fact they exhumed Amy Schumer from irrelevance for the show, too.
  3. I genuinely chuckled at the seat filler bit

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  4. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I think when a comedian singles you out you’re prepped to laugh before they’ve actually reached the punchline so when the “joke” is actually just a cruel jibe about your appearance, there’s a reasonably good chance you’ll laugh unintentionally or laugh nervously because all eyes are on you… Chris Rock was out of order for that, that’s not funny.
  5. The fact that it could’ve EASILY went left and even darker if Chris decided to hit back or both of them potentially getting into a fight…

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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Calling Kirsten Dunst a seat filler???? She wasn't getting much work anyway but Amy should be shunned forever xx
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  7. I feel awful for Jada (I have alopecia too, but areata rather than totalis). Regardless of what happened, Chris owes her an apology.

    ... who, additionally, seated herself in the auditorium ahead of the televised section of the ceremony to ensure she saw every award winner and nominee honoured for their work. An icon!

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  8. Chris was in the wrong for that joke - making light of somebody with an autoimmune disease in front of her industry peers is not “comedy”.

    Equally, resorting to violence is not “defending” his wife, it’s assault. There are a million other ways he could’ve handled it - putting out a statement, calling him out on social media…even doing a Kanye and going up and taking the microphone from him and educating him on why it’s not okay to joke about a disease. Anything else would’ve been better than walking up there and striking him.

    Just terrible for both involved and I hope Jada is okay.
    If any good can come of this, I hope it’s that we start to reevaluate how comedians use other peoples misfortunes as a cheap shot and a quick way to make people laugh. At best it’s lazy and at worst, it hurts feelings. And it’s rarely that the joke is funny but rather people laugh in a “I can’t believe they just said that!!” sort of way. Comedians have been masking mean spirited behaviour as comedy for too long.
  9. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    A big fuck you to Chris Rock, an even bigger fuck you to the writer who came up with that joke, and the biggest fuck you to Will Smith. I've never been a fan!
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  10. I am so beyond happy for her!!!
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  11. The worst thing about this is, with the amount of conversation it's causing, you just know the audience-starved organisers are going to try engineering messy viral moments like this in future ceremonies. I'm sure they'll be well aware of how this ceremony showed people are much more interested in drama and mess than in who actually wins the awards.
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  12. I’m a here or there fan of both I guess. They have put out some great work artistically but I’ve never been enamored by their person life. They both showed shitty behavior yesterday and it’s a shame this was televised live...as an African-American this doesn’t help the perception of us. I’m definitely turned off by both of them now.
  13. Focusing on the positives:
    - Jessica Chastain and Billie Eilish are now Oscar winners.
    - WSS's Anita has now spawned two Oscar winners.
    - Two women winning Best Director back-to-back.
    - Liza and Gaga

    And Timothée Chalamet not bothering to put on a shirt, I guess.
  14. RMK


    I can't with defending Will by highlighting other problems within the industry. It all can coexist. You don't get violent with people. It was a terrible joke, deal with it another way. Maybe don't laugh, speaks enough volumes.
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  15. Just saw the segment again on the news and Jada looked disgusted at the joke.
  16. Also, huge congrats to Questlove for Summer Of Soul.

    He deserves so much better than to be embroiled in all this nonsense.
  17. Like in the late 90's, you could just about grasp a stage invasion, but since Kanye and Taylor, surely they'd have better security, or management to them.

    I... what a bloody mess. Retaliation or not, surely anyone would be expected to be escorted from the building after slapping someone infront of the whole world. The arogance that that has.

    Also the amount of hate I've already seen for Jada from it all, for no reason, is disgusting, and ugh the toxic masculinity is strong in the Smith household (as can be seen by his son's tweets)

    Now, if I was Chris Rock, would I be sueing the organisers, Smith, or both?
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  18. Terrible ceremony and mostly terrible winners. Thank goodness this horrendous awards season is finally over.
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  19. Regina Hall really can elevate the worst material, now here’s how Support The Girls can still win best picture-
  20. I've been saying that for 35 years.
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