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Oscar Bait 2022 - 2023

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 11, 2022.

  1. Margot and Samara meeting on set

  2. Jean Smart KLAXON
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  3. I saw some other little bits and pieces of Babylon that looked much more...polished? And more like a big musical than this gritty trailer.
  4. I was reading reviews for The Whale and it feels like it’s going to be incredibly divisive
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  5. The Son is kinda getting thrashed in the reviews.
  6. Sounds like my man Aronofsky to me!
  7. I don't really want to spoil plot points, but how? Like body-shamey, fatphobia stuff?
  8. None of these movies are sparking any sort of excitement from me. Sad.
  9. Yeah, some reviews are mentioning fat phobia and misery porn.
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  10. Same, to be honest. Not sure if they are in the running for Oscars, but I'm only really interested in Tar and Blonde. Pearl looks fun. Empire of Light will be good. Women Talking intrigues me. But, yeah, nothing is exciting me.
  11. From Aronofsky? Shocking!
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  12. Empire Of Light, The Son and The Whale all getting underwhelming reception combined with Top Gun hitting number 1 again for Labor Day means I think the latter is getting picture and lead actor noms.
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  13. as it should
  14. I feel pretty sure about Top Gun: Maverick getting in to Picture. Actor feels like less of a lock but I do think Cruise positioning himself as one of two big champions of “going to The Movies” (along with his ex-wife) is probably something that endears a lot of the Academy to him.
  15. I'd say the industry wouldn't be unhappy about rewarding Tom for getting bums in the seats again. This would be his fourth nomination, his first in over 20 years, and it would be easy to spin an overdue narrative in his favour. Particularly since he was a strong favourite to win in 1989 before Daniel Day-Lewis swooped in and nicked it from him.
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  16. It just still feels way too early to tell.
  17. I just saw this film last week, and while I can recognize it was good, the acting was atrocious. That first scene in the bar was so chaotic and ridiculous I thought I was watching a play.
  18. Manifesting an amazing performance from Jean Smart in Babylon so that she wins Supporting Actress.
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  19. Honestly I’m this close to being Munnpilled. Her being relentlessly positive about her star who clearly hates her, her boyfriend who won’t publicly admit to dating her, a serial abuser scoring points on her, the studio she works for in shambles and her hairstylist clearly hates her. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  20. Don't Worry Darling was terrible. Any interesting character developments happen in the last 10ish minutes and aren't built out enough. Still no clear understanding of the goal of the Victory project or how it really works. It really is just the A24 Stepford Wives. Harry is easily the worst part of it.
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