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Oscar Bait 2022 - 2023

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 11, 2022.

  1. I wonder how Don't Worry Darling will actually do. It's releasing in a quiet enough weekend but 'any publicity is good publicity' doesn't feel like it will manifest into a major draw
  2. My cinema was completely full to the point where I was in the front row. I wouldn't underestimate his fans
  3. I guess...I'm just thinking word of mouth past that first wave
  4. Oh I'm sure it'll tank once they're bored of it and be available to rent within 45 days.
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  5. This Michelle Duggar cosplay?! What is going ON
  6. None of you fake friends felt like letting me know I referenced the other public enemy Olivia here?
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  7. I’m screaming at this take! He’s so wrong!
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  8. Nn that account has consistently the worst takes I’ve ever seen but this is something else.
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    What kind of crack.
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  10. Using Vivien Leigh to whitewash history?

    I mean a bit on the nose even for him.
  11. rdp


    Babylon reminds me of the Ryan Murphy 'Hollywood' series that I watched three episodes from before giving up and I couldn't be less interested. Samara Weaving was on it too!
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  12. The Woman King just nearly made $20M in a mid-September weekend, people are almost (considering all the "movies are dead" conversations throughout the pandemic) unbelievably eager to go back to theaters. I don't know if it will have legs, but I'll be really surprised if it doesn't start strong.
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  13. LTG


    Will Stevie win another Oscar this year? He could get his first screenplay nom.

  14. Oh.

  15. I feel like we’re not hearing enough about Jennifer Lawrence’s performance in Causeway? I don’t think it’s screened anywhere, but I feel like if it lands and she’s good then surely she’s a lock for a nomination. We love her again etc etc
  16. Everyone has Michelle predicted for best supporting though? I'm thinking Cate or Michelle for Actress (would love Margot obviously).

    She's in a lot of predicted lists!
  17. I'm really surprised Michelle Williams is going for Lead.
  18. That viral clip of Harry screaming and thinking it was acting in don’t worry darling is so so so bad. Whoever told him he could act lied to him several times!!
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  19. It's the critics own fault, in their reviews of Dunkirk.
    How the Industry has chewed him up and spat him out is glorious
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  20. I completely forgot he was in Dunkirk! To think he’s gonna be part of the MCU as well, Jesus.

    I do kinda love this mess though. Britney and Mariah didn’t deserve the draggings they got for their acting in their movies (both have really great comedic timing IMO!) but this man certainly does!
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