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Oscar Bait 2022 - 2023

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 11, 2022.

  1. Mariah was awful in Glitter though. If she looks in any way good it's by virtue of having so many scenes with Max Beesley, who is wooden as fuck and doesn't have the excuse of inexperience.
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  2. He was fine in Dunkirk. I think the bigger problem is being directed by somebody who was fangirling/falling in love with him and probably didn't feel like being even remotely critical or giving notes. Ms Olivia had the horny blinkers on.
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  3. I think the other point is that Dunkirk has a pretty big ensemble cast where no individual has that much screen time, so he's not required to "carry" the film or even any big scenes. Whereas these two new films require him to do a lot more heavy lifting, and seemingly he's been exposed.
  4. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Well, Harry is also getting dragged for his acting on My Policeman so I don’t think it’s right to blame just Olivia for his bad acting. Maybe Harry is just not an actor and that’s okay!
  5. Harry had two lines in Dunkirk.

    Olivia isn't to blame for his acting, but I don't have any faith in her directing. I make commercials for work and my directors spend months glued to their computer editing 30 seconds. The way Olivia wrapped production then headed out on tour every night makes me doubt her capabilities. This was a vanity project for a rich girl who's had all opportunities handed to her, and she spent more time drumming up drama for press than actually editing the film.

    The fact they had to write in Jack having a faux British accent in the last twenty minutes of the film because he's not convincing as a Brit or American...hilarious.

    We really shouldn't be having this conversation in Oscar bait though. Never going to happen.
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  6. Does this go in here? I think it looks awful (and I didn't mind Bohemian Rhapsody!!)

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  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I watched See How They Run last night and the whole ensemble cast is great (I don't like Sam Rockwell though, but even he was fine enough) and the film is really fun too, but Saoirse is on another level. There's just nothing she can't do, her comedic timing is spot on and I feel like I could watch her in absolutely anything.
  8. LTG


    It was a fun romp of a film and Saoirse was amazing as always. It was great to see her do more comedy.
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  9. Oscar-wise I don't think See How They Run is going anywhere, but Saoirse's performance alone was worth the 90 minutes of my time.
  10. I have to say… the way ‘Miss O’ is powering through her press tour with this highly styled, classic Hollywood nonchalance, it’s the best performance she’s ever given and it’s kind of winning me over.
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  11. Yeah this looks awful and cheap.

    Saoirse chewed in See How They Run. She had me cackling.
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  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I’m pretty much over “legendary pop star” biopics.
  13. Olivia Wilde on Colbert last night.... Listen, there is some validity to her arguments, but basically her defense is "any criticism lobbied at me or this movie is sexism" and that... doesn't hold up. But Colbert helped her push that narrative and thats that. There is criticism that is lobbied at her that is sexist. But not every issue facing this movie can be tossed away with that excuse.
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  14. Anyone seen Confess, Fletch? It's so good.
  15. Don’t Worry Darling wasn’t horrible? I was thoroughly entertained but the script really needed another go.

    Lots of unanswered questions that could’ve been explained away so easily. There was a lot of subtext about consent and women’s rights but ultimately the film didn’t have anything to say in regards to those really. The twist is a neat take on something we have seen before but not as original as it thinks it is.

    Florence steals the film. Pine, Wilde and Chan all hold their own as well.

    Harry well…he tried.
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  16. What’s the twist? I have no intention of watching it, and not because of Harold or the drama nn.
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  17. Ah, the Elizabeth Banks route.
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  18. aux


    I haven’t seen the film, but if the twist is the same as the screenplay I read a couple years ago when it was on The Blacklist:
    Essentially, Florence’s character is trapped in a simulation. The film is actually set in 2050. What happens is that men fake their wives deaths and then plug them into a machine that puts them into a simulation of their choice.

    I think the film will have the same twist considering Olivia, whenever asked what the inspiration for the film is, she always brings up The Matrix and The Truman Show.
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  19. That's essentially it but it's not really spelled out until the last 20 mins of the movie, which I get is part of a "twist" but there's a lot of questions left unanswered in my opinion. Not sure it's that far into the future either.
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