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Oscar Bait 2022 - 2023

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 11, 2022.

  1. .................

    God I hate this movie and I will never see it nn.
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  2. LTG


  3. You know what? I actually really liked it. Florence was fantastic in it and the visuals looked great. Harry was out of his league, even if he attempted 15 different English accents and one Australian one.
  4. I can’t wait to give Don’t Worry Darling all of my money. At this point, Olivia deserves every single cent.
  5. I just got out from watching it and I liked it but didn’t love it! Harry’s acting was distractingly bad at least 50% of the time but Miss Flo was brilliant as always. Gemma Chan really ate the moments she had and I even enjoyed Wilde to be honest. The themes it’s trying to get at feel a little too surface-level and too obviously spelled out for it to really be much more than a bit of fun.
  6. I mean it was awful but I also love the Stepford Wives.

    Visually very pretty, Florence carried, entertaining but it felt like a lot of Tumblr GIF or concert interlude footage mixed with an arts student first attempt at a film.

    And I loved Booksmart!
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  7. This is a frustrating read because it seems like the top dogs at WB might be so annoyed with Florence that it blacklists her from roles while they act as if Olivia did nothing wrong. A mess.
  8. Florence will be fine. She's in demand and she doesn't have a bad reputation. Whatever went down on this set is an anomaly, it's not going to follow her to other movies. That article is very in keeping with what I've been seeing for months - Florences's issue was that Olivia wasn't doing her job.
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  9. Rest assured that's not the case.
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  10. Also drama like this probably goes on behind the scenes all the time - it’s just we don’t hear about it.
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  11. Flo's lawyer texting her like "sis please.. just do one or two bare minimum instagram posts then because you still have that promo clause in your contract and it will get the studio off my back. just any shit bts pics will do x"

    The way she refuses to even acknowledge Olivia and Harry.. queen behaviour.

  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    She does include a pic of her and Olivia in that post though (and tags her too).
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  13. Well My Lil Wilde Worriers, I just took my seat in the theater.
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  14. The thing is, it isn’t TERRIBLE. I almost wish it had been SO bad I could just make fun of it. But it was just… perfectly fine. It includes some incredible production design and performances - Florence and Gemma still manage to shine in this, and Olivia & Kate were also fairly delightful - but the story is literally just Stepford Wives 2.0 without any of the camp or horror. So it just felt like a bland version of an overdone story I’ve seen in a hundred better iterations. I will say, it is perfectly watchable & entirely forgettable.
  15. I went and saw it (not because of the drama but because psychological thriller is my favorite genre and there aren't enough of them these days), and I enjoyed it. Florence killed it and the cinematography was great.

    The story definitely could have been executed better though...it felt like it was too long, and I was getting bored by the end.
    It was Stepford Wives meets Black Mirror (the general concept is literally straight out of the USS Callister episode), but they took way too long getting to the twist and I would have liked to see more of the "real world" scenes. There was a lot more they could have done with that aspect of the story.
  16. It's absolutely fascinating to me how she has continued to stick to her "I had to make a choice, so I took my actress' side" story, implying that she fired Shia, even after he swiftly exposed her as lying about it. Like...what even was the point of her lying about it in the first place?
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  17. You thought Gemma shined in it? I thought she was completely underutilized and useless. I say that as a fan of hers...but she just gave nothing?
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  18. Oh she was certainly underutilized, but I felt she did the absolute most with the very little she was given to work with. Her dinner party speech & final scene were the best parts of the entire film, and received resounding gasps & applause from the theater. I would have been far more interested in a film focused on her character.
  19. Yeah, I think the way her character behaved in the twist was severely under explored, and probably a big part of what left me unsatisfied leaving.

    I don't know if it's that simple though. I think the explanation she gave on Conan was probably pretty spot on, that it can be true he quit and she fired him, in the sense there was an ultimatum.
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  20. I just looked up the Conan clip and yeah, that was definitely much better said than anything she said before. I was confused because her earlier statements did kind of tell a different story (she mentioned that she has a "no assholes on set" policy and his process "wasn't conductive to the ethos of the film").
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