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Oscar Bait 2022 - 2023

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 11, 2022.

  1. I saw Amsterdam yesterday and loved it - confused by the 20% critic ratings. Entertaining story, great performances and chemistry.
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  2. Oh this gave me chills. I had no idea it was leaning into psychological thriller territory - I’m even more excited than before.
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  3. So, Don’t Worry Darling. Cool visuals, cool music, some cool sequences, Florence chewed a lot, Gemma chewed a bit, Harry didn’t chew at all, the story was kinda empty, and the ending was unsatisfying. It is what it is.
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  4. I really can't tell what the actual plot of this is, but I'm 100% in.
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  5. Honestly the music kind of gave me Jeremimi teas
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  6. Cannot wait to stan this psycho character.
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  7. LTG


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  8. Also, Tar is 158 minutes long. Normally I groan at such bloated running times, but it really does look like a world I want to spend a decent amount of time in.
  9. -crawling on the ground- please!!!! too long!!!!!!
  10. Got tickets to see this at LFF next weekend and can't wait!
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  11. Considering it’s been 16 years since Todd’s last film, we’ll give him a pass!

    But I do agree overall, and you’d think with all the anxiety on the studio and distributor side right now, there would be more emphasis on under two-hour edits.
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  12. Having worked at TIFF for the first time since 2019, I have to say it was great seeing people so enthusiastic about watching films in person again. People lining up for hours to see The Fabelmans, Glass Onion, My Policeman, Women Talking and Weird: The Al Yankovic Story was rather touching.
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    What was your favourite beb?
  14. I was there. Meant to message you but had no time to do anything but watch films. Saw 26. Got 12 more to go at LFF next week and will then be as up to date for this Oscar season as it's possible to be.

    It was really great being in packed theatres again but have to say I'm not too keen on any of the major contenders so far.
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  15. I know it's cliche, but I really did like The Fabelmans. Maybe it was just being swept up in a Spielberg movie -- about movies -- playing at a film festival, but I really enjoyed it (even if it took too long to get into the cinema and I missed Spielberg's very quick intro).

    I missed your TIFF updates!! But glad you got to see lots of movies. I'm still trying to adjust to sitting in packed cinemas again, but I love seeing appreciation for movies.

    I can't say anything really dazzled me other than The Fabelmans. The Weird Al movie was cute but I thought it could have been even funnier and more cutting in its humour. I didn't care for Moonage Daydream which is odd because I adore Bowie but I didn't connect with it.
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  16. Wasn't a fan of The Fabelmans at all. Looks beautiful, Michelle is terrific but it's 2h 40m long with enough plot to cover half of that. We get it Steve, you like making movies and you parents got divorced. So many films being made about directors perfectly unremarkable childhood. Still got Bardo and Armageddon Time to go. It's so tedious.

    Missed the Weird Al movie as it only played twice on opening and closing days. I arrived a day late (Went to see The Kids From Fame in concert night before) and left early on the last day ss had matinee tickets for show on Broadway. Only being released on Roku or some nonsense.

    I did an extremely cobbled together, lightweight TIFF diary here if you're interested.

    Baby Clyde’s #TIFF22 Rankings:

    1. Holy Spider
    2. Return of Tanya Tucker
    3. The Swimmers
    4. Woman King
    5. Glass Onion
    6. Empire of Light
    7. Bros
    8. My Policeman
    9. The Inspection
    10. All Quiet On Western Front
    11. Good Nurse
    12. Sidney
    13. Charcoal
    14. Moving On
    15. Chevalier
    16. Lost King
    17. Causeway
    18. Living
    19. Triangle of Sadness
    20. Corsage
    21. The Fabelmans
    22. Women Talking
    23. Banshees of Inisherin
    24. The Son
    25. Allelujah
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  17. The Tanya Tucker movie was on my list - sad I missed it.

    I did like Sidney, even if it was a bit too sanitized. Seeing all of Poitier's accomplishments was extremely moving.
  18. Wow @Baby Clyde, not a fan of Banshees then? Haven’t seen it myself, but surprised you didn’t like it with all the raves it’s been getting.
  19. Does Everything Everywhere All At Once have a chance of doing anything at the Oscar’s? I rewatched it today and it really is a stunning film.
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