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Oscar Bait 2022 - 2023

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 11, 2022.

  1. I was just thinking that. We were so spoiled for studio comedies in those days, but if the film was released now I could totally see SAG Ensemble and Golden Globe Comedy nominations aplenty, and yeah I could even see some of them going all the way to the Oscars - my votes would be for Lacey and Rachel in Supporting Actress. Adapted Screenplay for Tina’s script too please.
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  2. The screenplay was even nominated for the WGA - criminal it didn’t get the Oscar nom.
  3. The way I actively remember Lohan FYC ads being printed all over LA in late 1998 for The Parent Trap.
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  4. Causeway was good. It’s pretty much exactly what it looks like it will be based on the trailer - some nice visuals, lots of staring. Jennifer’s performance is incredibly understated. I don’t think I can picture her getting a nomination just because there’s so little to go on. It’s a good performance, and nice to see her in subtle mode, but I can’t see it taking her all the way. It almost feels like a modern BAFTA nomination moment though based on the sort of thing they’ve responded to lately? I can’t see the film itself being particularly inspiring to people either, and it’s on Apple TV so I lowkey think it might sink without a trace. It’s literally the exact opposite vibe to CODA. I think the film is laying a good foundation for her re-establishment though, and I can see her coming back with something else in the next few years with a bit more to it that could generate a bit more enthusiasm.
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  5. Saw Bones And All 24 hours ago and I still can’t stop thinking about it. It won’t be for everyone, but it’s a 5/5 for me.

    Also Taylor and Timmy served!

  6. Women Talking looks good!
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  7. How is Sarah Paulson not in that???
  8. Those kind of mundane comedy-dramas about life are where Jennifer shines and I'm glad she's going back to them. In a way it was where she always should've gone post-Hunger Games but I think the reaction to "the movie about a mop" pretty much sealed her decision to follow the money and do more franchise/action work.
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  9. LTG


  10. The Whale, wow. Whack Brendan the Oscar already the race is over.

    The film itself is very good. I love when these should-be dramas are filmed in a way that makes them much more aligned with psychological thrillers or horrors. It’s obviously not either of those genres, but there’s elements for sure. The opening scene of the Zoom screen was literally straight out of a horror and
    the scene where he’s eating himself to death was chilling.
    It’s a really unsettling, harrowing watch. It’s super, super intense - the last twenty minutes or so is almost thrilling in how difficult it is to witness.

    Brendan ate oop and really gave the performance of his life. He really loses himself in the performance and he’d be a fantastic winner.

    But also let’s talk about the girlies. I was delighted by how much Hong Chau was in it. I had just kinda assumed she wouldn’t be in it much but it was practically a two-hander with her? I need to see Hong receive her flowers soon because she is so fucking excellent at just tearing the screen apart. It’s a very different and less showy role to Brendan, but she’s kinda my Supporting Actress fave now? She just communicates so much with that face of hers. She’s funny and devastating in equal measure. She can deliver a whipping one-liner and a heartbreaking monologue with equal proficiency. Her monologue was one of the highlights of the film for me.

    Sadie was good too although it was a little GCSE Drama LoOk HoW aNgRy I aM! at points. It didn’t feel quite as naturalistic as some of the other performers. It was actually kinda just giving inexperience, like you could tell she wasn’t a heavyweight like the adults. But she was certainly very good and she has tonnes of potential. It was funny how Samantha Morton appeared for one scene, devoured, and then left. In any other film not stacked with potential Supporting Actress nominees she’d be a worthy contender. Although having said that, was Hong a bigger name I think she’s actually in it enough to be competing in Best Actress? It would be slightly fraudulent, but no worse than some of the other placements we’ve had before.

    So yes, good film, great acting!
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  11. I thought Everything Everywhere All At Once was fine. Too twee for me, and sorta took away from the weight of the content matter. Yeoh was incredible.
  12. I kind of stan that The Whale's film festival narrative has now just devolved into "endless standing ovations, Brendan Fraser stands and cries".

    If sis isn't turning up at my local Cineworld to preside over my screening when it comes out I'll be asking for a refund'T!
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  13. Really enjoyed Triangle of Sadness. Great character writing, funny pretty much the whole way through, but about 30 minutes longer than it needed to be.
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  14. I've been on a Glynis binge this year. Every time one of her films comes on Talking Pictures I record it. I'm 8 down with another 4 to go. She's going to end up very high on my Letterboxd Most Watched list.
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  15. The LFF screening was so embarrassing. He made a big display of sitting in the audience a couple of rows in front of me. Everyone around was very aware that he was nearby. The minute it ended they all jumped to their feet in a rapturous ovation that went on and on well past being comfortable. He milked the whole thing by faux humbly rising to his feet, waving to the crowd and then very slowly making his way back to the crowd so of course they all had stay on their feet until he finally made it. I was so filled with second hand cringe that I left in the middle and headed straight to Greggs to buy 2 sausage rolls.

    He's very good. The best actor race looks like a done deal but all this wildly exaggerated praise is overkill. The film is pretty terrible and mildly objectionable. It's barely a film at all. No attempt has been made to disguise it's stage origins. Hong Chau is great. Sadie Sink is not.
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  16. Iconic.

    Is the crowd still on its feet clapping for Brendan?
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  17. This post ought to be in the running for Best Original Screenplay.
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  18. Surprise Film last night was The Menu.

    I think it was ideal in a sold out cinema setting, with a few decent laughs. But it lacked any real pay-off or character development. I adored last years Surprise of 'C'mon C'mon' but this one was a bit of a disappointment.
  19. I’ve been very lucky with the Surprise Film over the years. In 2017 (Lady Bird) and 2018 (Green Book) it turned out to be the one big film that I’d failed to see at TIFF. 2019 was Uncut Gems which I had seen at TIFF but I purposefully bought a ticket for the second screening so managed to sell it the next morning once I knew what the film was. Did care for C’mon C’mon last year but at least I hadn’t seen it before.

    This year I didn’t buy a ticket as there is no second screening but got more and more worried over the week that it was going to be Tár or Armageddon Time the only big films I’ve not seen. Spielberg is in town so there were lots of rumours it would be The Fabelmans. Was very relieved to find out it was The Menu. Couldn’t fit it in at TIFF but have no particular wish to see it unless it suddenly my becomes an Oscar contender.
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