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Oscar Bait 2022 - 2023

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 11, 2022.

  1. Covid really did max out their business model; it turns out there is a limit to subscriber-based streaming!
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  2. To be fair, if it drives up subscriber numbers that will probably end up having more of an impact on their bottom line / market value than Glass Onion opening well at the box office.

    I’d prefer it to be widely released at cinemas, but I can see why they are going for the strategy they are.
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  3. Alanis Morissette - "Ironic" <3
  4. So Florence is superb in The Wonder, a shame she isn't being pushed for anything
  5. I think the market in 2022/23 is different from when Netflix did the Knives Out sequel deal two, almost three years ago. We're at a point in the cycle where they have peaked, two big competitors are catching up - one with the multi billion dollar cinema income and big IP income to be able to spend big and one where it's streaming service isn't their main product and can afford to loss leader it, as well as some smaller competitors making good ground.

    Even their own binge model works aginst them - sub for a month, watch everything you want to, then cancel for another service and repeat in six months time. The other streamers are wisely reconditioning the customer into the weekly roll out so that they get a couple months of impact and content - aside from a few genuine pop-cultural smashes, Netflix series are a talking point for about two weekends max.

    I think at this point, they'll just be grateful to have Glass Onion around to maintain sub numbers into the next quarter. Not that they reveal numbers anyway, but they'll allocate $1 from 450 million sub payments so that the franchise is in the black and if they lose money, they'll blame on something else that tanked.
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  7. While I do agree with this, kind of, I also know it's going to lead to many women not winning an award at all.
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  8. Yup, and a lot less women being nominated too.
  9. LTG


    My onion? It’s glass.
  10. To be fair to Netflix’s Glass Onion release strategy, I still think there are numerous theaters less than enthusiastic about showing Netflix films, so I don’t think it’s entirely up to them.

    EDIT: Update on other things I’ve seen. Glass Onion is an absolute delight. Packed with the same humor and ridiculous convolutions as the first one, I enjoyed every minute of this. Kate and Kathryn especially shine, but wow, what an incredible showcase for Janelle’s talents as an actor. I don’t see this doing much at the Oscars, but this should join The Menu in sweeping the Globes’ comedy categories. Tár felt like another incredible one-Blanchett show, but boy, did I not care about a single thing beyond her jaw-dropping performance. Babylon is 3 hours of self-indulgent, chaotic mess. Not a single developed character or fleshed out plotline to be found, with Chezelle trying his hardest - and failing - to live out some sort of Tarantino cosplay. An absolute waste of all the talents involved, but I did get a kick out of seeing Margot & Samara share a scene. The elephant poop that smothers the screen in the opening minute sums up the entire experience fairly well. Bones And All just might be my favorite thing I’ve seen this year. An epic romance packed with heart and palm-sweating tension, the two leads are absolutely incredible and I found myself sobbing by the end. I never thought I would get so emotional over cannibalism, but I was fully ready to let these two teens eat me alive by the film’s end.
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  11. Loved Glass Onion and it should get a nomination for Best Costume Design, it adds so much to the movie.
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    Whoever chose Kate Hudson’s mask deserve a nom.
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    Can’t wait for next year’s race.
  14. I know I'm late but OMG!!!
  15. It's 100% Academy catnip. Reviews have been pretty terrible but i kinda loved it and can't imagine Oscar voters not doing so as well.
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  16. My #2 of the year so far. Wen't in with no expectations at all and nearly ended up crying (I don't really do crying). I'd be surprised if it gets any noms.
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  17. THIS^^^^^
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