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Oscar Bait 2022 - 2023

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 11, 2022.

  1. The fact that Jessica Chastain is also in it… unmatched theatre kid energy.
  2. Anne’s been looking positively snatched lately.
  3. I feel like Anne’s entering a “take no prisoners” phase of her career.
  4. As she should! The Hathahaters can perish.
  5. It’s gonna be a good year to be a Stanne I can feel it.

  6. I can’t wait to hear about the mass walkouts and fainting during Crimes of the Future at Cannes tomorrow.
  7. It sounds like a juicy mess
  9. Seems like we’ll be hearing more about this throughout the season.
  10. This sounds like exactly what I expected based on the trailer ddd.


  11. I am a huge Baz fan but this film looks horrid
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  12. I can't wait to build my entire personality around Crimes of the Future.
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  13. I was always surprised an Elvis biopic was his next movie. I think the reason he does so well in the romance genre is his over the top, super sparkly visuals lend themselves to the drama and glamour of love stories. His love of weaving music into his movies made an Elvis movie not totally out of left field, but I did wonder how it was gonna work out. Evidently, not very good.
  14. I think I would only go see Elvis if I could be guaranteed there's a scene of Dolly Parton telling Elvis and Parker, "You can't have my song!" and saunters out of the room like the queen she is.
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  15. Did y’all know that uh… surgery is the new sex?
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  16. Ladies I LOVED Crimes Against The Future, I'm sure it wont have any awards season play but Kristen Stewart is incredible. A wonderfully weird horny little government weasel. The movie is sexy and foreboding and not really that gross?
  17. Put this on my tombstone.
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  18. Get in loser, we're going queerbaiting

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  19. How does Harry have time to film all these fucking movies when he's on like the 482nd date of his tour
  20. Well this looks severely uninteresting.
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