Oscar Bait 2022 - 2023

Oscar nominee Pedro Pascal really would fit in with my dreams. He really does dominate in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, but I guess it's a long shot even so?
Austin Butler is great but the performance is so smothered by everything else going on, particularly the crimes against humanity being committed by Tom Hanks. I love Baz, Moulin Rouge! is one of my favourite films ever, but outside of Austin Elvis really didn’t hit for me.
Elvis was pure entertainment. Was it perfect? No, but I really hope it can get a popcorn slot in the Best Picture race if it continues to do well at the box office. If Bohemian Rhapsody can, and people were up in arms over House of Gucci missing out on such a slot, Elvis certainly deserves it.

Austin Butler should be an absolute shoe-in for embodying such a well known person without ever it feeling like mimicry or parody (unlike a certain Mr. Malek).

It’s Spotlight but for the MeToo movement and I want it now.

I just don’t see it. What’s the story we don’t know? Has there been enough time since the story for this to feel relevant anew, or is it just the final stop on a predictable trajectory for every major news story? The audience who will even bother watching has probably listened to podcasts with Jodi and Megan, podcasts about them, and read the stories, so who is this for?

I’m not deliberately picking on this movie, as there are a lot of movies my questions could be applied to, but it seems especially pertinent here.