Oscar Bait 2022 - 2023

Angela Bassett potentially having an Oscar


for a Marvel movie

I think my issue with Andrea getting a nomination lies in Cate a couple weeks ago asking 'why are we still doing this' in regards to award shows but not taking herself out of contention.
Have we had a film come out so far away from Oscar Season (wasn't it last March) storm the categories like EEAAO most certainly has?

It feels unheard of to me
Black Panther was released in February 2018 and got nominated for Best Picture!


I think the biggest example would be Silence of the Lambs which premiered in February (!) in the US? I dunno if premiering films late in the year was a popular strategy back then like it is now though


Have we had a film come out so far away from Oscar Season (wasn't it last March) storm the categories like EEAAO most certainly has?

It feels unheard of to me
Of nomination leaders, this century we’ve had Gladiator (May), The Hurt Locker (June) and The Grand Budapest Hotel (March). Everything else was Q4 for its US release (except Nomadland which was early 2021, with the extended eligibility period).

It used to be completely normal, with Cabaret and The Godfather being released February and March 1972 and competing for Oscars a year later.

The Deer Hunter was a turning point as they pushed an LA qualifying release in 1978 before opening wide the day after the Oscar nominations.
I feel like the Andrea nomination is going to drastically change the game when it comes to campaigning for an award in future but I hope all parties are aware of the thinkpieces that are about to hit them.

Meanwhile, JLC hustled her ass off for EEAOO and probably ran a better campaign for Stephanie Hsu than A24 did.
Ana de Armas (Updates) ran a great campaign all year; yes, her film is largely loathed by Twitter, but she never distanced herself from it, and I thought it was notable when Colin Farrell immediately highlighted her performance when he accepted his Golden Globe. Her nomination is a real Show Your Work moment in terms of playing the Hollywood game, you can’t execute it much better.

Riseborough is pure CAA Machiavellian, Weinstein-esque manipulation, and it’s pretty gross how successful it was. That’s not her fault, but being the face of it is going to haunt her.
I haven’t been this gagged since Marion Cotillard secured an out of the blue Oscar nomination for a Belgian indie movie, in French no less (2 Days, 1 Night).

(Speaking of French spoken Belgian indie movies: hooray for Close!)
People sincerely putting the horrible optics of Deadwyler and Davis both missing on that one nomination is the worst case of twitter-brain I've seen in a while

I don’t disagree with your overall post but… unless anyone is a “Margot Robbie in Babylon was 6th place” truther then this campaign by (largely) white actresses absolutely pushed a POC out of the Top 5… both the campaign itself and the voter bias it revealed across The Academy are a little unsettling.

They didn’t unseat someone with a multi-million juggernaut campaign behind them (like The Fabelmans), they unseated one of two women on precarious ground as the likely sole nominee from their film.

I don’t doubt that Riseborough is amazing in her film, it’s just a shame that those actresses weren’t rallying for, say, Taylor Russell or Danielle Deadwyler herself (who both had huge passion for their performances and shitty campaigns from their studios)…
Took a look at odds and saw that Fraser is the new favorite for Best Actor? When did that happen, I thought this was Butler’s award.