Oscar Bait 2022 - 2023

Would've loved seeing 'Decision To Leave' for Best International Feature Film, but I'm happy 'Close' is there representing Belgium. The performances of the kids and the cinematography were pretty great.
What exactly is going on here?




Eh at the end of the day it's not that different from a "normal" Oscar campaign is it. That involves months of marketing, mingling at parties, interviews, open eds, getting celebrities to host academy screenings... It just sometimes doesn't happen openly on social media. I don't see what her campaign did that's so offensive compared to the usual.

What seems bad for me is that these lone acting nominations for underseen movies normally happen for people like Riseborough, Cotilllard, Charlotte Rampling etc. but they don't for Deadwyler, Ruth Negga (yes I'll never get over it!!)
Absolutely insane that Paul Mescal from my Irish hometown is nominated, a great day for the parish. An amazing result for the Irish in general actually, nominations across the board.

Taylor was definitely snubbed a bit, Carolina is *easily* a better song than Rihanna and Gaga's offerings. But I'm sure she'll get her Oscar one day, Taylor is nothing if not determined dd
Best Supporting Actress pains me as Angela Bassett is well overdue but Stephanie Hsu was absolutely PHENOMENAL and had my full attention.

Michelle Yeoh deserves Best Actress and I hope she tells the music people to “shut up” again.
Also good for Ana, the movie was trash but she was really great in it.

I’m biased but I do think Carolina deserved a nom, it’s a great song (and better than Gaga & Rihanna’s songs).