Oscar Bait 2022 - 2023

I think a lot of the irritation toward Andrea comes from the "aw shucks, all this for little old me" "gRaSSrOoTs campaign" horseshit they're peddling when anyone with slight working knowledge of Hollywood knows that Shelter PR doesn't pay for itself, screenings don't buy themselves out, and there was someone on the other line of those phone calls that were made to anyone signed with CAA.

Not to mention people like Frances Fisher publicly announcing "don't vote for these other women, they don't need it" and specifying how many votes she was likely to need to get in. It was desperate and messy instead of being desperate and contained like you're supposed to be.

(But kii at Mary McCormack going this hard for the same husband who openly cheated on her with Katharine McPhee! Girl!)
The Fablemans was lovely. Spielberg is such a reliable director. He doesn’t take huge cinematic risks but has a very good range and just tells tight, simple stories. And I find him refreshingly not too overly self indulgent for an auteur of his level (especially given it’s a semi-biographical story).
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I have to be honest with myself... I didn't like Tar. But I did love Cate's performance, and I thought Noemie Merlant was great too.

The best part was Apartment For Sale, and the second best part was Mark Strong's wig.
Tardy to the party, but RE: Everything Everywhere All At Once: what the ACTUAL FUCK in the best possible way?! What a beautiful whirlwind of emotions. I didn’t think I could ever be moved by two rocks conversing in total silence but such is the force of this movie. Michelle Yeoh brings so much to the table here, in the kind of unique and daring movie that only gets a look-in at the Oscars once in a blue moon, that it seems impossible to root for anyone else this awards season.
I travelled 4 hours yesterday to a different country to see TÁR. It was worth every minute.

The slow and "boring" pacing completely worked in the film's favor for me. I felt the long interview with Adam Gopnik at the beginning or the Julliard scene really allowed us to observe every one of Lydia's tics whilst raising the stakes for the rest of the film. Much love also for Nina Hoss and Noémie Merlant for slowly unfolding their characters' conflicted relationships to Lydia from the sidelines.

For its 2,5-hour runtime, the film kept me completely hooked, giving me so much to observe without dictating to me how to interpret the characters and their narrative arcs. Can't wait to dig up all these various interpretations that have been popping up and to watch the whole thing again in due time.
That was a highlight of the film for me. The camera work and the cinematography was stunning during it too
If I remember correctly the lecture scene was one take which makes it more impressive. I get bored incredibly easily (I found the Fabelmans boring and twee) but Tar didn't lose me for a second. It's not often that you get to observe such an extraordinary character in such an unusual setting (what do I know about conducting) and every moment was necessary character building for what came after. I think it's my favorite movie of the year.
I just saw Tár at the cinema and thought it was incredible. Not going to lie, for the first about 20 minutes I was doubting my decision. Not because it was anything less than impeccably directed and acted but it was so focussed on the minutiae of conducting that I was worried it was going to end up terribly dry.

It's a triumph on every possible front and I'm blown away. Especially the ending which is just...perfection. I was rooting for Everything Everywhere and I certainly won't be remotely mad if it wins but Tár is the one from that list of nominees.
Just saw TÁR. It was very good, but the story itself was not very subtle or surprising. The acting was great though and I was never bored.

I think Everything Everywhere and Michelle Yeoh are more deserving to win at the Oscars.

Before TÁR, I also saw Pacifiction (another long movie). A true slow-burn that needs to sink in, but afterwards I was blown away. It was more effortless and less on the nose than TÁR. I want to go clubbing on Tahiti.
Just seen Babylon and... wow, it just never wanted to end. A fair few up and left after about 2 and a half hours. I enjoyed it, but it was a bit of a slog by the end.

I just watched Babylon and was thoroughly entertained too. However, the movie just feels messy and could possibly be better with a tighter edit.