Oscar Bait 2023-2024

Premiering at Cannes this year:
[Todd] Haynes also re-teams with a frequent collaborator, the actor Julianne Moore, for his latest film, May December. Moore plays a woman whose marriage to a much younger man (played by Charles Melton) is tested after an actor (Natalie Portman) interviews the couple about their relationship.
My puss is already quivering. Ddd.


Still depressing that the only projects that Oscar nominated directors like Barry Jenkins and Chung can get nowadays are these tired sequels and reboots

“Looks boring” and “Wes Anderson” aren’t two things that ever go together. Even his worst films look absolutely stunning. I’m not blown away by the trailer but it looks like it’ll be entertaining at the very least. I love the color grading/treatment though!

Part of me also wishes Wes would dial back the kitchen sink casting a bit.



The Academy’s new rules state that members cannot use social media to “encourage or discourage members to vote for any motion picture, performance, or achievement.”
So they're banning any and all kinds of FYC posts on social media? "I liked Kristen Stewart in Spencer and my colleagues should go see it... btw that does NOT mean I'm campaigning for you to vote for her in no way whatsoever!"



Sounds like they’re focusing much more on DiCaprio/Gladstone so they’ll probably be the pushes for lead rather than Plemons.
Written by Samy Burch, whose script Haynes seems to have tweaked into a catty-as-fuck dark comedy that deepens his longstanding obsession with performance while poking fun at the kind of actresses he clearly loves so much, “May December” introduces itself as a piece of minimalism pitched somewhere between “All About Eve” and “Persona.
I'm salivating. Will this be this year's Tar? Let's hope.

God, I loved Carol.
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As someone who has seen the first cut last fall and then saw the new working cut back in March, you’re all in for a treat. Fantasia is coming for that Oscar.

Halle Bailey, Phylicia Pearl Mpasi and Danielle Brooks carry as well.

I'm so excited for this! I loved the original movie and saw the broadway adaption a few years ago. This trailer looks amazing, the whole cast comes off so well. I really hope that this turns out to be a hit.