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Overrated and Overplayed Bops Of Yesteryear

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by UnionJackMix, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Stevie only produced 'Bad Weather' for the Supremes didn't he? That's probably my favourite Supremes song of the lot (including the Diana Ross era).

    Have to second the vitriol for 'I Gotta Feeling' - Will.i.am has been a blight on music for a good decade now, but this is perhaps his nadir. 'Come on Eileen' is also a song I refuse to interact with - it's just there (like 'YMCA') for people who can't dance to have something to do and nearly always ended up in everyone with their arms round each other forming a large circle towards the end, which would inevitably collapse as the participants were all hammered, then resulting in a quasi-fight.

    A couple of contenders from my experience of 80s nights/wedding discos:

    1) 'Wake Me Up Before You Go Go' by Wham - I realise they weren't trying to be Leonard Cohen, but it's their most annoying and insubstantial song, plus it has an odd rhythm that makes it difficult to dance to, which makes its status as a wedding disco classic all the more baffling.

    2) 'Like a Virgin' by Madonna - her whiniest song by a mile. I used to go to an 80s club night years ago and though the music was generally pretty good, the DJ was obsessed with this song, which would be played pretty much every week and would be the only Madonna song he'd ever play. Given that you have the superior 'Holiday', 'Lucky Star' and 'Into the Groove' among others to choose from, I never got why he was fixated with this one, her worst single from her imperial era.

    And ...

    'Manic Monday' by the Bangles. I loved their Greatest Hits but would always skip this one. It's one of Prince's most irritating lyrics. The only way to lighten the tedium of hearing it was to come up with alternate lyrics for the chorus ('my "oh God I weigh a ton" day', 'my decapitate-a-nun day', etc).
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  2. I do adore Like A Virgin I must admit, but it's a shame that and Material Girl get so overplayed in comparisons to the gems that are Angel and Dress You Up.
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  3. Yes I really don't like Bad Weather by The Supremes.
    As for Like A Virgin and Material Girl I have to agree. I never want to play those songs anymore. It certainly has to do with them being overplayed but also that they aged really badly, with basically no bass to speak of and Madonna at her most nasal.
    Angel, which I still recall was my most hated song at the time, along with Love Don't Live Here Anymore are now my favorite songs off the album.
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  4. Madonna has so many 80s bops, yet so few get Airplay!
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  5. Causing A Commotion says hello!
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  6. Perhaps the biggest forgotten Madonna bop!
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  7. As a far-more-deserving bop, right?
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  8. Undoubtedly! One of her very best and yet completely forgotten. It annoys me you can't even buy the 7" remix in this day and age!
  9. I have to say that I love that the three singles from Who's That Girl are basically forgotten jems that have never really been featured prominently in retrospectives. I even forgot that it's on Celebration because Celebration is just the messiest best-of affair since the Annie Lennox collection and I never play it.
    I always think of what pleasant surprise new fans have when they discover these.
  10. This is her best song by a country mile.
  11. ABBA Gold (Beyond point of mass saturation).

    “I Love Your Smile” By Shanice. I HATED that song & there was a point in time I could not escape it blaring out from every radio/ TV. If I hear it these days I literally want to vomit.
  12. I want to DJ my friend's wedding (literally just making a playlist with iTunes) but I do know there are a few songs which I think of as "necessary evils" - songs that everybody knows and will most likely dance to. Like YMCA. I know it's loathed by many but it will get people to participate. And I don't mind the '93 remix because it has a bit more punch to it.

    But I draw the line at the Chicken Dance or the Macarena. Ban them!
  13. So annoying that is!
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  14. I still really like Material Girl, but I hate (and have always disliked) Virgin. It just gets on my nerves.

    Still, give me Angel, Commotion or Who's That Girl any day.
  15. Overrated this for me too:

    She's done better.
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  16. Very brave saying that on here!

    I agree
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  17. At least you do!
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  18. Allow me to add this to the overrated and overplayed pile

    *runs for cover*
  19. Thought of that too! Much prefer Nothing Really Matters!
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  20. Not once has anyone ever mentioned what we all know are the two most overrated and overplayed Madonna songs: "Like a Prayer" and "Vogue." And I love them both.
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