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Owl Eyes - Night Swim album/Love Run Dry single

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. I just mentioned in the Random Pop Thoughts thread that "Nightswim" and Emma Louise's "vs. Head vs. Heart* are my two favorite albums of the year so far. I never really had Australia on my "pop radar" but that has definitely changed now. Both are great debut albums and I hope they will both be very successful.
  2. Nice choices. I am looking forward to the Owl Eyes album dropping through my letter box shortly.
  3. Gorgeous album and all 3 of her EPs are spectacular too. Especially "Raiders".
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    How the hell did I miss this thread?! (I guess it's because the title here is written as two words.) This is easily the best album released this year, I'm only bummed that "Crystalised" isn't on it, it's the song which introduced me to her last year.


    I love pretty much every track on the album, particularly the streak from track 7 to 10: "Open Up" sounds like something Jessie Ware should record, "Find Out" is already catchy but is elevated by the distorted vocals, "Saltwater" has that incredible coda starting with the piano and culminating with eargasm-inducing discontinuous synths, and finally the album version of "Closure" which is even better that the single version, which means it's pretty amazing.

    "Hurricane" is single material too, and the title track is so relaxing. "Love Run Dry" is very good too but I'm glad it's a bonus track as it doesn't really fit with the rest. It is a nice closer though!

    I just love the cohesiveness and the 'underwater' production of the album. I doubt any other release this year will top it for me.

    Oh, and the "Closure" video hasn't been posted yet so here it is:

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  5. I love this album as well. And I actually discovered it thanks to your RYM account, teehee.
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    I saw your review of it a couple of days ago and was glad that I wasn't the only one loving it, haha. My excitement over it might be fueled by the fact that it's been very long since the last time I didn't get tired of an album after so many listens — but hell, the album's just gorgeous.
  7. Sorry, my bad re the title in the thread. My CD arrived last week and I have played it loads. It's really lovely isn't it?
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    "Nightswim" video!

  9. Beautiful video.
  10. Gorgeous. I do love this album!
  11. I wasn't that sold on my first listen to the album, but it has a real intoxicating quality to it that just gets better with each listen.
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  13. Still in love with this album.
  14. Lovely choice for the next single! "Golden Lies" might be a bit too similar to "Closure", it's understandable why she went with this one. Seriously, though, she's got at least 8 potential singles on her album.

    Here's the HQ cover - I just played around with the URL a bit, teehee.
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  15. 'Open Up' is one of my favourite songs of 2013.
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    Mine too. And "Saltwater". And "Hurricane". And most of the remaining songs. But if I had to pick just one favourite it would be "Open Up". It's on par with Jessie Ware's or AlunaGeorge's best material.

    "Golden Lies" is the one song that I don't love on the album, I still like it a lot though! It just seems too straightforward to me, but it might work better live. I had to warm up to "Diamonds in Her Eyes" too as I didn't like its sentiment that much but it finally won me over.
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  18. I rediscovered this album the other day after hearing one of the songs playing on satellite radio at a grocery store... It's still really good. Does anyone know what happened to her and if she's working on anything? I checked iTunes and it seems like she's released a couple of remixes and then a feature, but that's it. It would be a shame if she just vanished because she managed a pretty solid first album.
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  19. I'm a little disappointed this was bumped with no news, haha. But, I wasn't aware of that collaboration, I've just heard it and thought it was great. I hope she is still working on music - the album and EPs were awesome.
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