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Owlle - Heavy Weather

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]

    There's a general discussion thread in P&J but this sub-forum seems like a more suitable home to #promo the second album of French artist Owlle. Known by her mère as France Picoulet, Owlle has already released two singles from the forthcoming LP Heavy Weather which is scheduled to be released some time in the Spring.

    In The Dark was released in early January and it sounds and looks like this:

    Gunfire was released today and sounds like this:

    Her debut album, 2014's simply titled France, was perfectly fine but it seems like she's really stepped things up both sound and image wise for this second effort.


    A few tags: @2014, @constantino, @LE0Night, @Noir, @Petty Mayonnaise
  2. Another new song D~S~D:

    And a live version of said song:

    With three tracks out there, the album release date can't be far off.
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  3. Do we know anything about a release date yet?
  4. So... an EP called Summer Crisis is out on Friday and is being billed as a "preview EP" to Heavy Weather, which is now coming out according to an interview in French Vogue "in the Summer".

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  5. Here's the EP which is all three of the tracks released so far, plus a remix and one other new track Higher:

    All in all a bit of a pointless release. Why do I feel like I jinxed myself by saying:
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  6. 2014

    2014 Moderator

  7. Why? Give us one good reason ... after all ...

    ‘If there’s an active thread about an artist, try not to start a new one unless your contribution informs us of a huge and explosive new development’

    I’m a fan of Owlle but let’s not describe an EP consisting of 3 previously released songs ‘explosive’ ...
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  8. Calm down.
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  9. Asking a Moderator to explain their decision is a perfectly ‘calm’ thing to do ...
  10. 2014

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    More people might discover her with a thread in the potential big things sub-forum, it's all promo!
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  11. [​IMG]

    Good grief...

    The reason I created a thread in here was because the general discussion thread in Pop & Justice has managed to scrape just over 20 posts in the 5 years since it was started and currently sits on page 54. If this gets moved there or merged it's just going to do the exact same thing... sink without a trace. At least here it stands more chance to get noticed.

    Plus, there's nothing that says this sub-forum is just for 'new' acts. Just as a recent example, there's a thread for U.S. Girls and her sixth album in here.

    As a "fan of Owlle", maybe take the chance of any promotion of her work as a good thing?
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  12. You lost me with the childish gif (and the mod that deleted this line but not the offending and pointless image) …

    But including previous poster’s contributions to the artist might serve everyone a lot better than creating new threads in new areas of the forum just for the thrill of the ‘thread’ ...

    I’ll just not engage in this discussion and enjoy the music ...
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    I think you're the one being childish

  14. Heavy Weather has a confirmed release date of October 12th:
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  15. Two other videos are coming with this one, right before the release of the album next month.
  16. Higher is great!

  17. [​IMG]

    Owly coming at you with a slow verse.

  18. Ooh I really like this!
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