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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Untouchable Ace, Jul 6, 2022.

  1. Wait… the song I sent was in a contest before?? Why wasn’t it vetoed?
  2. Well, I addressed that already:
    What are the odds that the submitter of that exact song would misspell the name as 'Caracolla' in that PJ00s round? I even caught another PJ00s entry of theirs, as well as a PJSC entry where the same group had its name changed, all mentioned on the veto sheet, but one letter made this song slip away. Oh well...
  3. Congrats @eatyourself on the win!
    And also to my good sis @swim on medalling!

    A massive thank you to everyone who voted for Alan, especially the 12's - I'm always sceptical with how my more filmic choices will do, so I'm happy to see this one get the love it deserves.
    And thank you @Untouchable Ace for the amazing hosting and gorgeous artistry involved.

    Well @Zar-Unity, I'm nothing if not predictable when there's a dramatic song in the running.
  4. Damn, I did that.
  5. Congrats for the win @eatyourself, and thanks for hosting @Untouchable Ace! I can't believe I sent a huge (if slightly obnoxious, but that's part of the appeal) banger only to get my worst PJXtra result ever. Back to the drawing board.
  6. Thanks so much everyone who voted for Anet! Probably not quite as competitive as her PJSC winner but a great song nonetheless that I wanted to share with you guys!

    12 @Hudweiser, @Derek
    10 @swim
    8 @Tiger Suit, @DominoDancing
    7 @Untouchable Ace
    6 @WoW73, @TéléDex
    5 @pop3blow2, @livefrommelbs

    Congrats to @eatyourself for the win! Diva has such a great chorus which is what made me submit it to PJSC but ultimately I got more excited about another song.

    Thanks for the impeccable hosting and lots of beautiful images @Untouchable Ace!
  7. Well second is bloody awesome.

    Congrats diva!
  8. Thanks everybody for the final points. I forgot who cause I have too much alcohol ddd (it is 3 oclock but Pride so it is allowed ddd). Iconic winner and fabulous hosting!!!
  9. [​IMG]

    Thank you to everyone who gave their points to Diva!! Won't be able to mention all of you but I know who you are, and special thanks for @Maki for not only giving Diva his 12 points but also for sending 12-points-worthy entries twice in my brief participation on PJSC/Xtra. To be honest when I saw Elodie on the song list I thought it was over and I should just pack and go home. Happy she got top 5!!

    Thank you @Untouchable Ace for hosting and I look forward to the next Xtra round!
  10. I'm so sorry about these things, the leaderboard was always correct. It was just listing the points that went wrong. Something ALWAYS goes wrong during any reveal.

    Some people's usernames were okay to derive something from (have you eaten maki yet?)
    Some images were inspired by their entry this round. (Or my own winning song.)
    @Sprockrooster and @soratami ran contests themed around their imagery.

    Yes Dan you were in the lead when I said this. And our winner was in the lead for a longer time.
    However I changed the order because I wanted all of the non-honourable-mentioners to be revealed at the start.
    (@Isobel HMed every song not in her top 10 though.)

    I felt honoured that @boombazookajoe and @saviodxl sent songs just for me.
    (If noone sent a song from Blanco or Mahmood at least we had a Ricky.)

    But it's undeserving that my top 2 ended up the bottom 2.

    I'm glad that Donatas connected with most by the end of it all.
    Thanks fam.

  11. How did you know I went overboard with donuts earlier this year and now suffer the consequences?
  12. Um... I think I noticed something - it seems that L'impèratrice is missing 12 points, which were assigned to La Rappresentante Di Lista instead. This happened when mine and @DominoDancing's ballots were revealed. Both of us gave their 12s to L'impèratrice but the text said La Rappresentante Di Lista and one of these 12s actually went to them. Can't believe I'm saying this because it will kick me out of the top 5 placement if it's true.

    Sorry to break it to you, but as mentioned above, I gave my 12 to "Vacances" and not "Diva" - seems like there was just a little transcription error. I liked the song but it didn't even make it to my honourable mentions oop.
    And thanks again for showcasing good taste!

    Yeah I noticed that afterwards - so creative! And I haven't eaten maki rolls, it's still on my bucket list.
    Been there.
  13. [​IMG]

  14. [​IMG]
  15. Uh-hm
    The final final leaderboard.
    Instead of having a top 10 how I thought it ended up, we now have 11 people in the top 10.

    (Please vote within the deadline is all I can say now.)
  16. Thanks to all the voters for Lola and her Coca Cola! Congrats to @eatyourself for this amazing win, and of course thanks to @Untouchable Ace for hosting and these visuals!
  17. Not complaining! Just barely made top ten (eleven)... thanks to the folks who blessed Cherrie with their love! Especially @klow!

    Thanks for the great hosting, @Untouchable Ace! Awesome graphics! I want to know what you use! Details!

    Congrats to @eatyourself!
  18. I loved the winning song! Had no idea they were Italian like my artist!
    Amazing graphics and presentation! My song looked promising
    at the beginning of the reveals (before I passed out asleep) then went
    way down, had a few bumps back up and then fell very low toward
    the end of the reveals, where all of my entries usually sit. Oh well.
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  19. Looks like I created some drama after all! Really super sorry for any mess I might or might not have caused!
    Thank you @Untouchable Ace for being patient and generally for your stimulating hosting this round!
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