= P J X T R A = S I X T E E N = N S F W = F I N =

Looks like I created some drama after all! Really super sorry for any mess I might or might not have caused!
Thank you @Untouchable Ace for being patient and generally for your stimulating hosting this round!
I'm just happy you made it.
It's just that when I put in the last 2 overdue ballots in I wasn't wearing my glasses.

But mislabeling a 12 for Carla to Caracola and L'impèratrice to La Rappresentante Di Lista, was a common stupid hosting mistake.
Congrats @eatyourself. Your song was a bop and you are a goddess.

And congrats @Cotton Park on choosing one of the best songs I’ve heard in ages.
I got beaten out by the superior Italian bop! Congratulazioni @eatyourself!

Thanks to my voters who were:

12: @daninternational
7: @Hudweiser
6: @saviodxl
3: @berserkboi
2: @imaduck (thank goodness you voted!)

I had encountered some Mietta songs on a PJ Retro longlist expedition and discovered that she's still making bangers - this one being a particularly vicious dismissal of a man with a wandering eye. Unfortunately it's yielded my worst result since sending Mery Spolsky last year, but I'm confident my long list has something to get me back up to the top 10. (Having said that I did actually think @Attis might win this round which could mean my radar is quite off piste!)

Thanks to @Untouchable Ace for hosting, see you all next round, and don't forget to vote in Retro over the next 2 weeks if you haven't already!
Whew, just catching up on the thread since I was out all day yesterday. I think this is my best-ever placing, so thank you to everyone who voted, including some of what's become my "usual crowd" plus many new faces:

@Tiger Suit
@Ana Raquel
@Up N Down
@If You Go

I thought I might have been throwing a brick (or a Molotov cocktail) in the works with this entry, but I wanted to pick one that would MAKE ITSELF KNOWN after a few entries that kind of got caught up in the shuffle. Чувства-пропаганда ("Our Feelings – Propaganda") makes me want to drive 200 km/h in the wrong lane, if you know what I mean. The lyrics have queer subtext if you read them that way, though it's likely just part of the t.A.T.u. wink and nod. (I don't believe Dead Blonde actually identifies as queer, though I could be wrong.)

berzerkboi said:
And here I thought I was going to be welcoming @Isobel into the L’Impératrice Stan Club ddd

Whoops! I liked it a lot though and saved it to my Discoveries playlist. There were so many fantastic entries this time that they were all basically HMs.

And thank-you to @Untouchable Ace for hosting and creating all that beautiful reveal art! Tea theme was perfect for me, I've always got a cup.
Top 10ish, I'll take it, not bad for an ill-timed incredibly G-rated entry to the NSFWfest!

Hugs to @Cotton Park, @Phonetics Girl, @klow, @pop3blow2, @Doodvid, @boombazookajoe, @BubblegumBoy, @If You Go, @Hudweiser, @swim, @Zar-Unity, @soratami, @TéléDex, @Sprockrooster, and @DominoDancing for acknowledging my cute bop!

@Untouchable Ace, amazing reveals, beautiful art, love the poptart explosion in space, rainbow sprinkles and all!

And congrats to our number one diva @eatyourself on smashing it in such a competitive round!
Okay, so my plans didn't exactly happen and I'm still on my quest to achieve that elusive PJXtra medal. But nearly being in the top 5 is excellent placement given the general response that this round is very strong (which I agree with) and it's great to see some of you really loved Elodie's song, to the point of even submitting it.

Given how much I've been playing it, "Tribale" really became the song of the summer for me. Incredibly catchy, it really brings everything amazing about the early 00s European pop bangers, which is further enhanced by the music video (yes, I'm talking about these summer-themed videos with random and prominent eye candy shots). And it happened to get a dance video and an extended version released recently too, while the round was still going on:

Glad to see that, as sonic standouts of the round, L'impèratrice, Dead Blonde and Alan did so well and all reached top 10.
Underrated corner: PP Krit (last place for this one is way too low), Purfles, Ana Mena & Belinda (perplexed by how badly this one did), LaLaGirls, Twarres and Sara Tavares.

Thank you for excellent hosting and brilliant visuals throughout, @Untouchable Ace!
I'm already choosing between my potential submissions for the next round, some tough decisions to make given the thievery that seems to be going on dd
@eatyourself are you planning on hosting the next round? We're getting close to the start of September, so now would probably be a good time to start preparing.
Thank you for the heads up, I hadn't thought of that! I haven't had much time lately for checking out the forum, let alone hosting a round... If it isn't too douchbaggy of me, I would prefer if someone hosted in my place.
Thank you for the heads up, I hadn't thought of that! I haven't had much time lately for checking out the forum, let alone hosting a round... If it isn't too douchbaggy of me, I would prefer if someone hosted in my place.

It's perfectly fine! Plenty of times a round's winner can't host the next one and it goes to runner-up or someone else. On that note, @swim and/or @daninternational, are you up for it?
Sorry for being Tardy To The Party TM with the Merci to my voters but being on actual Vacances meant I am only now back at my PC!

12 @Attis (a L'Imperatrice stan I was not aware of, but I live!!) @Maki @DominoDancing (honestly the ballot reveal with the 2 x 12s was a highlight of the year for me with a song I love, especially once the points got fixed ddd)
10 @soratami
7 @Cotton Park @Ana Raquel
6 @klow @pop3blow2 @If You Go
4 @WowWowWowWow
3 @Alenko @Untouchable Ace
1 @imaduck

4th Place and one step away from a medal in Xtra still! Let's see what tricks I'll have to try next round!

In the meantime - thank you @Untouchable Ace for a fantastic job hosting! Well done @eatyourself for winning with a great song! The betrayal from @Tiger Suit still stings a little ddd @swim and @daninternational - well done on your medal! Looking forward to what you do with the next round Dan!!