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Please vote before August 5th 11:59.

We've had our next third of members vote in time for the next and last update before the reveals.

Well the song that could have been a runaway obvious winner is not in the lead anymore.

The song in the lead has so many more 12s than anything else.

The leader could change again as it's all very close, the top 3 are all in the 70s.

Every single song has double digits.

So maybe there's 2 (or 3 obvious winners).

The bottom 10 is all wrong so I hope the last third of voters can help me out and vote.

If you think the thread has had cross overs, wait for the reveals.

When you search for one of these entries in YouTube, the second video is a movie.
I have since watched this movie.
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What @iheartpoptarts said! Just voted and this round is insane! Like probably the strongest PJXtra since it started! All of my top ten are BANGERS! Every song is great and they are all kinda different from each other, I love that! Even several of the songs that I had to cute weren't bad. I heart the players of this round, you all really brought your A game! Who else here loved this round as much as me!?

Also I believe that my entry is a certified "banger" as well, so it must do good! Well we will
see soon..