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P!nk - Beautiful Trauma (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by CaliforniaKing, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. I hope she picks obvious singles and not go too risky with any folk style songs which the album mostly consists of.
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  2. LiK


    These differing opinions are actually making me more excited to hear it.
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  3. Listening now. Abit ballad heavy and not the same old Pink we know love for her upbeat numbers but it's still good. A grower for me. Loving 'Where We Go'. Potential second single. But she'll never top The Truth About Love for me. A bop from start to finish and her most consistent album 10/10. But, Beautiful Trauma: Not many potential singles here...right now I'd say 7/10.
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  4. They haven't, though. In the last year:

    Kesha: Boots, Praying (it's a ballad but it's still anthemic as fuck)
    Miley: Malibu, Younger Now
    P!nk: What About Us (as far as the rest of the album goes I'm holding off until tomorrow to listen to the rest of it so I don't know)
    Gaga: Perfect Illusion, A-YO, John Wayne
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  5. I... can't believe she's really lost the plot. I really thought she could come back from The Truth About Love.
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  6. I'm loving this already on my first listen and, like every P!nk album, I can see all of these growing on me even more over time. I know everyone mentioned how subdued it is but I'm shocked at just how lowkey the majority of it really is but it works. It fits where she seems to be in life, and it definitely fits my mood as well...late twenties, taking stock of everything, looking back and forward at the same time. There's a more mature element here overall that's really interesting. 'Revenge' is definitely not what I expected but I really like it...I'm interested to see how it does. I'm worried she might struggle with singles on this, although there are already a handful I'd love see get the single treatment and smash for her.

    Overall I'm definitely happy with it, although I understand the criticisms. She's been one of my favorites since I was like ten, so I'll always welcome new music from her.
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  7. I'll take Secrets and run.
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  8. USA Today's easing my review worries a little. Gave BT a 3.5 out of 4.
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  9. Wait, you haven’t? You’ll love it, by the sounds of it. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

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  10. After previous albums, hope were high but boy is this album bad. Secrets is screaming to be a single but probably won’t be. Aside from that, i’m not a fan of much else
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  11. LiK


    FINALLY listened and wow I LOVED it. It was totally not what I was expecting even after reading everyone's impressions, but I'm fully satisfied with the end result. A cohesive body of work with fantastic productions and vocals.

    The standouts for me are: Barbie's, Better Life, Secrets, For Now along with Beautiful Trauma, Whatever You Want. (Based off just one play through).

    Its more ballad heavy than I expected the final two songs felt unnecessary because of their placement, brought down the mood a bit. But this is a good pop album and I can't wait to replay it again and again lol.
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  12. So this album put me through the emotional wringer. She's never sounded better on record and the songs are beautifully arranged and the melodies rich.

    The album tells a story with emotional acuity - the weirdness, drudgery and the joy of adult relationships while wanting to remain individual and powerful and the need for balance in a world that seems to want to bury you.

    In particular the last third of the album takes those through-lines and knocks it out off the park, from the crashing insecurity that Secrets and Better Life highlight to the existential releases of I Am Here and Wild Hearts Can't Be Tamed before P!nk thinks fuck it and snaps with You Get My Love being a pure, unbridled declaration of intent with vocals to match.

    The titles may have sounded broad but the execution feigns left and punches right in your stupid gut. P!nk just did that.
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  13. First listen, I like it very much. Standouts for me are Secret, which I agree is an obvious single choice, I Am Here and Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.
  14. Beautiful Trauma, Whatever you want and Barbies are my trinity and hopefully future singles.
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  15. I actually loved Revenge on first listen!
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  16. Beautiful Trauma is an obvious single choice, it's the Blow Me One Last Kiss of this album. Besides that, the ones are Better Life, Barbies, and Secrets. Jack Antonoff, Julia Michaels, and Max Martin are a pretty fantastic group of collaborators to pull in.

    And I agree with the Adele comparisons. Like, the album ends with a Tobias Jesso Jr track.
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  17. "I see it on my father's face
    Another line that comes with age
    I know that time will have its way
    Where did it all go?

    They say that things were simple then
    Although I don't remember when
    I wanna know what happens next
    Where do we all go?"

    The album tiptoes around death so much, with her mentioning the miscarriage and admitting it made her suicidal - it's really hitting me.
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  18. This seems like quite a divisive album.

    Perhaps we can all agree that Where We Go simply must be a single. In the UK particularly it will destroy.
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  19. I do, sadly, have to agree. I fell in love with 'What About Us' and got myself quite excited for this album after hearing some of the other pre-release tracks but... There really isn't a lot of meat on this bone outside of the songs we've already heard. There's a few decent songs which sort of save this from being really bad but way too many "will this do?" moments. The Eminem track is quite disappointing too.
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  20. Barbies as a single? No, no, no.
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