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P!nk - Beautiful Trauma (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by CaliforniaKing, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. I did like that one.
  2. 'Barbies' had me in tears this morning. It's so powerful.
  3. This is a nice album. I listened to it once and honestly don't have any desire to listen to it again, apart from the prior released tracks and maybe Revenge.
  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Oh they all still got great material.
    But there's definitely a tonal shift from the Max Martin/Dr Luke/Redone pop they used to make.
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  5. Watching the minidoc on Apple Music really made me connect to these songs even more. The performances of 'What About Us' and 'Barbies' had me tearing up. And just the way she talks about this album and life and love...despite the mixed reactions, after watching that I absolutely believe that she really did pour her heart into this. Even 'Whatever You Want', which is more 'typical P!nk', the way she explained it was really beautiful, and made me love the song even more. She's always been one of the few artists who I don't just love for their music but their personalities as well. I've always related to her story and felt a connection to her and her music that I only have with a handful of artists. I had a pretty rough background...especially as a teenager it was a pretty amazing feeling to have someone who seemed to speak your language, to know what all this crazy shit felt like. And even now, at 28, I still feel that connection....in the doc she says of 'Barbies' that she's still freaked out she's an adult, it doesn't seem real somehow...I probably feel that way at least once a day.

    That was a bit of a tangent but seriously anyone feeling indifferent towards the album should try to watch the documentary. It helps shed some light on where she's at...it's clear that this album truly reflects her feelings and current state of mind. And obviously if you're a fan it's totally worth the watch. You'll come away loving the album, and her, even more.
  6. From fave to least fave:
    I Am Here (SLAYED)
    Where We Go
    What About Us
    Beautiful Trauma

    For Now

    Whatever You Want
    Better Life
    Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

    You Get My Love

    But We Lost It
  7. I'm the same. I had no desire to replay this and actually wished I'd listened to Beck's new album on the way to work instead.
  8. Albums like this really don't open up on the first listen.
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  9. Just coming to the end of my first play of the album and this has instantly jumped into my top five albums of the year. Really looking forward to coming back to this and listening to the lyrics and melodies a bit more.
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  10. Barbies already feels like one of her very best songs. Her voice just glides through that melody so effortlessly. So far ahead of fluff like Perfect.
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  11. I haven’t had the time to listen to the whole album, and I’m probably going to listen to one song a day. And then listen to the whole album when I’m done familiarising myself with every song.

    I heard Revenge today.. I have to say, I didn’t expect much from a third P!nk and Eminem collaboration, especially since I hated “Here Comes The Weekend”. But I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a cute little song. I’m guessing everyone complaining about her usual pop-rock will be happy with this song.
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  12. I did not expect to enjoy this album as much as I do. I Am Here is the one for me, such an anthem. Could work as a single, but I think she will have a huge hit with Revenge for quite a while first.
  13. 'Whatever You Want' is so effortless, it's a shame it was a promo single because I really think it's the perfect third single.
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  14. 'But We Lost It' is gutting me at the thought of it being inspired by her miscarriage. I wonder when she wrote it.
  15. While nothing blew my head off, it's quite clearly a more considered, consistent album than Truth. For sure.

    Some lovely little moments in there that I didn't expect. The song titles had me sighing, and I left...ok with it all. Wild Hearts is cliche tosh but the rest left positive impressions (where I remember them).
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  16. It's definitely a more mature album, I'm actually quite surprised at how few typical silly/fun Pink songs there are on it. I've wanted her to make something like this for ages.
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  17. Please tell me it's a step up from her last album. I have the vinyl waiting at home.
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  18. I have heard a couple of songs from this. What about us is still growing on me, and is turning into one of my favourites with her. I have tried not to listen to it before release and it's still stuck in my head.

    So far You get my love is so emotional. Like, she's always been a talanded writer and a singer, but i feel like she perfectly describes that insecurity and vulnerability that a relationship can bring. Even a long relationship, a really good one. That screamy chorus somehow work so well?? Like a "fuck it, I love you and I will show you as much as I can even though I stumble sometimes"
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  19. It seems opinions are divided. Best wait and see how it resonates with you.
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  20. For me it is. I was not really a fan of her last one. It had a few songs I loved by as a whole this new one is better.
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