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P!nk - Beautiful Trauma (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by CaliforniaKing, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. It works so well as a whole body of work. I really enjoy listening to the full and a lot of the tracks grew on me.

    Barbies remains my favorite, though.
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  2. Yikes this album is bad. Like shockingly dull! I am do disappointed. As others have said, best to just take Secrets and run!
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  3. The melody is what's too calculated this time, and that's where the radio appeal is. It isn't straight forward like her past material that I love ("I Got Money Now", "Conversations With My 13...","Eventually","Where Did The Beat Go?", even "Sober"...) , sounds like she thought too much about it and it became basic/dull/repetitive. Even Miley didn't calculated melody on "Younger Now".
    Lyrics on, however, are among P!nk's best.

    And this was a contradiction, like the album name.
    Like, she said that the album goal was to not consist of many ballads/slow songs and that we got the opposite. She said that this time she really cared about
    The only song that remains uptempo during it's full length is "Secrets", which I really like.
    There are some highlights ("What About Us", maybe "Barbies", "Secrets", "I Am Here"), but the rest could've been written in a year or so. It isn't a five year long wait album I think everyone deserved.
    Sure it has beautiful moments (the verses in "Barbies" and "You Get My Love", last chorus in "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken"), but overall it felt uninspired. It was missing a song or two that I fall in love with on first listen, and that felt really odd.
    Even "Stop Falling" is better than any ballad on this album and the singing on it felt more true. On this album, feels like she only focused on her voice, which is perfect (best so far I think), to sing high notes and prove that she can do it, that's where the emotions fall flat.
    I have no idea what my least favorite is, but my favorite after a few listens is, ironically, "What About Us?", the song that made me excited for this album.

    Overall, the album better than her first three so far. I'll see what happens later.
  4. At least it's not like the Younger Now thread in here which is 80% trashing the album for having no 'bawps' and 20% praise
  5. RJF


    That is categorically not what the criticisms of Younger Now revolve around.
  6. Also that most of the YN songs sound unfinished too
  7. A shit album, sadly. Pink is such a unique artist with a strong, fearless voice and I feel like she should be capable of something much better than this faceless mess. I wish Antonoff had produced more, but even "Better Life" manages to be pretty bland. "Secrets" is fun but not too special, and too many of the other songs all blend together. "Where We Go", "Barbies", and "Beautiful Trauma" are the standouts for me, and I'll probably never listen to any of them again by choice. Just... meh. "Revenge" remains an atrocious embarrassment.
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  8. Despite I Am Here sounding Mumford & Sons-y, I bop.
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  9. Well, this is definitely a fall album. There are some keepers already, I'd say, but I think it'll take some time for it all to fully digest. The "back half of a P!nk album" description that's been mentioned here feels totally spot-on, though. (Only Glitter in the Air trounces everything on here.)
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  10. The good; Beautiful Trauma, Whatever You Want, What About Us, Where We Go, Secrets
    The bad; Revenge
    The snooze-fests; But We Lost It, Barbies*
    The forgettable; For Now, Better Life, I Am Here, Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, You Get My Love

    *sorry, just isn't doing anything for me but then I've never really been a fan of her ballads (I can't stand 'Dear Mr. President').
  11. I don't dislike the album, but the best songs by far are the 3 pre-album releases. Also, with everything that's going on in the US at the moment (Weinstein, Trump), the Eminem rap in Revenge is uncomfortable listening for me. I know it's comedic but the timing is really bad.
  12. The post-chorus of I Am Here reminds me so much of Gypsy by Gaga.

    That's obviously a very good thing.
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  13. I was not expecting Barbies to sound like it does - I thought from the title alone it would be another Stupid Girls trashing the likes of the Kardashians/Jenners/Hadids etc. which would have been predictable and reductive coming from her.
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  14. I just listened and although the album is not very upbeat there's some good tracks in there. My favorites are What About Us, Secrets, Whatever You Want, Beautiful Trauma, and Barbies. I would give the album an 8/10. Her voice sounds great throughout.
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  15. I love this interview. She brings up her first album and how it's still in her.
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  16. I'm bopping to the first three tracks for sure. Eminem is...a relic...but actually at least sounds like he's game for a bit of a laugh on Revenge. The title track has grown massively.
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  17. Secrets is the best thing on the album.
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  18. Pretty political interview with Vulture:

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  19. Da da da da do do do has been in my head all day.
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  20. Eminem sounds like he's gotten into the Jack and cigar cupboard.
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