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P!nk - Hurts 2B Human (8th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. Looks like she started recording new music, so I decided to open a new thread.

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  2. I don't know where she goes from here. Beautiful Trauma actually did break away from her tired pop/rock sound, but it settled in boring piano ballads so it was kind of a no win for me.

    I'm still really surprised at how the last album campaign went. I probably shouldn't be given her age (this sounds ridiculous but you know what I mean), and given RCA's reluctance to do more than 2 singles if one doesn't take off. But the album sold so well, and What About Us did so well that it surprised me that when the title track sort of stalled they just gave up*. I mean, I know there was maybe a quiet Hot AC release or something, but nothing like she was used to. And the material was kinda there - Barbies is a career best, and But We Lost It is the type of song she can turn into an adult contemporary smash with ease. The tour and album were big successes so no one on Team Pink is sad, I'm sure. Just thought she'd be able to juice more out of it. It was kind of semi-amusing though that she bragged about defying label expectations with radio as woman over 35 and then her next single got no pick up (granted it had a bad release window). Spoke too soon Alecia.

    *They also probably blew her remaining budget on that shelved Revenge video.
  3. ‘What About Us’ is her best song. But the public are still here for her, as we’ve seen with ‘Million Dreams’ (dddd) catching on. They just... massively fumbled the campaign.
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  4. I wonder if she’ll have a new bop ready for when she finally makes it to the U.K. in the summer
  5. I hope she calls Mrs Perry for a collab. Max Martin & Scott Storch delivered also most of the time with her.

    Edit: Linda - not Katy!
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  6. Ready to enjoy an album that the forum will hate. Beautiful Trauma is not super strong but Whatever You Want is a career best so I have some hope.
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  7. Given the massive stadium tour she is about to embark on, it's safe to say the GP love her the most right now out of the 00s pop girls generation. She delivers some masterclass hits when she is at her best but I didn't enjoy Trauma as much as I wanted to. I reckon she will do some sort of single before the outdoor shows, right?
    I hope she does a 10 track album kind of affair, short and no filler.
  8. I also don’t see an album coming until late next year at least. Not with the scale of the tour right now, and the fact they’ll want another for the next album.
  9. I really thought she’d be touring Gay Clubs with Anastasia by now.
    Who Knew indeed
  10. Someone call Linda Perry and lock them in the studio together for a couple weeks!
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  11. Honestly ‘What About Us’ / ‘Beautiful Trauma’ / ‘Whatever You Want’ would have been her best singles run in years. Also the videos for both singles were fantastic (we don’t talk about ‘Secrets’)... the performance on the side of the building, the record breaking sales this far into her career, the record breaking tour. It was a really great era.
  12. Good for her. Beautiful Trauma is probably my least favourite album from her but I’ve still taken some of the songs from it. Hope she’s a bit more fun on this next record.
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  13. I didn't love all of Beautiful Trauma but it had some gems and was at least a pivot away from what had become a really stale sonic palette for her, so my interest has been piqued to see where she goes next.
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  14. Beautiful Trauma was boring and had only 2 or 3 good songs, so hopefully the next album will go in another direction.
  15. poor Pink, her biggest problem is Spotify, she's blacklisted from all playlists cos she's too old for the streaming generation
    she dominates iTunes but does poorly on Spotify, that's why What About Us missed the
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  16. kal


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  17. P!nk to the stage during every show:
  18. Rob


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