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P!nk - Hurts 2B Human (8th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. What can I say, M!ssundaztood was a classic case of "take the singles and RUN!" for me, even more so than her debut.

    It's actually funny that I hardly listen to any of the Linda tracks from M!ssundaztood, whereas I consider the Linda tracks from Try This to be some of the very best songs of her career.
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  2. AND who has (dual) British nationality...
  3. In her top 3 albums for me. She has only bettered it (since), once.
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  4. I kind of agree, it has its moments when it sounds dated. But the ballads with Linda Perry are definitely timeless. The production varies, sometimes it's clunky, sometimes it's good.
    The title track sounds like a random beat that is looped (which it most likely is), though.
  5. As much as I lovingly poke fun at her Walmart-edgy, arts&crafts, stick-your-tongue-out/rock on hand gesture aesthetic, this is insane.

    She's one of the most underrated vocalists to this day - the stamina, core strength and breathing technique she has to sing live while doing all this, while other performers sound out of breath just by walking on stage - it's pure excellence.

    Also I'm going to need that dancer/gymnast/acrobat to literally murder me.

  6. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    M!ssundaztood, Try This, I'm Not Dead, Funhouse - whew an album run!
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  7. Yeah, when you get the snarky comments about her doing acrobatics 'again' - usually from people who spend the rest of their time stanning for artists who can't even hold a note while standing still - it's kind of grasping at straws.
  8. This is... well said.
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  9. kal


    P┴NK? Really?
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  10. It's...a font.

    I don't get what this 'pass' does really. Like, I don't need to be sat at Anfield any earlier than I need to be.
  11. It’s probably to give her a sales boost opening week since that strategy has worked really well for her in the past.
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  12. The tee is cute.
  13. LiK


    Yeah, it's just a work around for a Tour bundle since she did one for 2nd US leg already.
  14. It also...looks ugly and lowkey hard to read
  15. I wonder if the tour name will change? Hopefully she is coming back to Australia.
  16. I want lots of bonus tracks this time around. Making up for the lack of ones on Beautiful Trauma.

    She used to be the queen of b-sides and bonus tracks. RCA better not screw this up!
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  17. To me, the title track of Missundastood sounds like P!nk testing out a new sound in the studio, having fun with it, and then going with it for the rest of the album, but yeah, it’s not groundbreaking but I sort of get why it’s there.
  18. Yeah it's a cute way to boost album sales from people already going since you can't do bundles now people have their tickets. Ariana, Travis, Nicki did this too.
  19. This. It's literally failing all the standards of good typography design.
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