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P!nk - Hurts 2B Human (8th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. Looks like it’s only US and Canada anyway!!
  2. I like it
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  3. Ugh, 'Hurts 2B Human' is even worse with the short-hand text speak. Haha.
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  4. Just dropping in to say that Most Girls is still that jam.
  5. I;m so glad this is coming so soon after Beautiful Trauma. I was worried that we'd have to wait another 5 years. I have no doubt she'll deliver for me anyway, as Ioved Beautiful Taruma. She's probably my second favorite early 00s popstar after Britney, and she doesn't have a Britney Jean so I'm more than ready for this.
    And I like the album title, sue me.mp3.
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  6. What’s something new for P!nk sonically while still being true to her mom rock sound?
  7. Maybe make it a bit more electro?
  8. Pink singing Jolene at MusiCares
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  9. I really loved her work with Jack Antonoff - it was the best material on her last album. It gave her a bit of a New Wave/R&B twist. Something a little more adventurous sounding like that shouldn't be too hard to do. The Adele-esque piano ballads & Greg Kurstin power pop is what has grown a bit stale.

    A ballad made with nothing but electric guitar, I Don't Believe You, is one of my favorite songs from her. I'm sure Pink knows her strengths, & I'm certainly not expecting a dance album, but there's a lot of creativity available within the template she's set for herself.
  10. Ddd I kept trying to watch the video of her on Ellen but my phone was being shady and kept doing this.


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  11. I would love to see her go into different kinds of rock- bluesy, psychedelic, glam, electro/industrial
  12. Like a lot of the pop girls, we know she is capable of serving up something incredible but her last two albums, bar a couple of tracks, showed an unwillingness to colour outside the lines or really play with her sound. I’ll probably take two tracks and run, just like I did with the two albums.
  13. All I hope for the next album is that there is at least a “So what”, “Raise your glass”, “U+Ur Hand” type of song. It’s something I missed on the last album.
  14. I understand what you mean, and I agree in the sense that it's a style she's great at/she really shines there, but I'm very *kid_holding_a_cross.jpg* when it comes to the former two, so I'm a bit torn about it.
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  15. The clip sounds like her usual ‘Sober’/‘Try’ mid-tempo second single.
  16. Surely this means a stadium tour run in Australia for summer 19/20?
  17. She’s doing European stadiums in 2019 for her last album.
  18. Is this a sign?

    One can only hope...
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  19. I don't think so, sadly. They were just at the same event. I wish though.
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  20. I thought 'Beautiful Trauma' was far more interesting as an album than its predecessor. I loved the variety in the sonic palette - the woozy pop of 'Secrets', the folky gospel stomp in 'I Am Here', the restrained electronic touches on 'What About Us'. It was a good example of how to introduce new flavours without compromising the artist's signature sound. To be fair though P!nk already proved that she could do that successfully on 'M!ssundaztood', 'Try This' and 'I'm Not Dead'; it was by the time that 'The Truth About Love' rolled around that she started to sound like a parody of herself. I thought 'Beautiful Trauma' was a real return to form so I'm thrilled the follow-up is coming so soon.

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