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P!nk - Hurts 2B Human (8th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. I personally don't think The Truth About Love is stale like y'all make it out to be. I love it. But I do agree that all the new sonic touches on Beautiful Trauma were great, and I wouldn't mind a continuation of that exploration.
  2. Well, she did receive something:
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  3. This is adorable. I'm glad Ari won and it was well deserved but I kinda think she deserved it more.
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  4. She said on Ellen that every time she loses, her husband (and her kids) make a tinfoil Grammy, 17 times so far.

    I haven't heard "Sweetener" apart from a couple of songs (and didn't like them), but P!nk deserved almost every nomination she got so far.
    But now that someone like Cardi B is getting Grammy's makes me think more about the award.
    To sum it up:
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  5. Sweetener is a middling effort but if I'm being honest, I find Beautiful Trauma forgettable too. However, Pink is always so refreshing and down to earth and Ariana has such a smug, bratty attitude I can't help but root for the former.
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  6. Dragging women to lift up another woman isn’t how it works, guys.
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  7. This is hilarious considering half of P!nk’s singles feature her acting “smug, bratty.”

    Also hilarious is how you’d be hard pressed to find those words leveled at men. Is it just confidence when they act smug?

    I’m tired.
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  8. HmmmMMMMmmmm.

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  9. When has Ari acted smug and bratty?
  10. Ariana: h-


  11. dddd the receipts yas

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  12. God, imagine having these opinions.
  13. Cardi B is absolutely talentless if you ask me, so it seems hilarious for her to get a Grammy.
    I don't listen to her music, nor Ariana's, but both of them always seemed annoying to me.

    Anyways, back to P!nk. This hidden masterpiece better not get underrated in her discography rate:
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  14. You two need to stop.
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  15. How about you:
    A) Listen to their music before labelling them talentless or annoying
    B) Back up your shit house opinions with some rationale (or better yet just keep them to yourself!)

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  16. Sorry if anyone was offended by my opinions, since they seem so harshly presented, but that's the way it is.
    Also, I did listen to some of their music and didn't like it, simple as that. As for the opinions, if are there any good or bad ones, that's a complicated theme and discussing it further won't make any progress.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you can't like everything, of course. So let's end it there.
    And let me play "Eventually" a few more times.
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  17. Shartener is shit, but it's not as shit as Hideous Trauma, so the right person won out of those two.

    And Invasion of Privacy is better than both of those albums.
  18. Whilst I wouldn’t describe them as shit, Invasion Of Privacy is the better album.
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  19. Love Pink but the last two albums have been forgettable. She needs to step it up.
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  20. I loved beautiful trauma - one of her best for me. There are some brilliant tracks on there. Shame none of them got released.
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