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P!nk - Hurts 2B Human (8th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. I guess she'll be doing better when the music video for "Walk Me Home" is released. Have no idea when they are planning to do so.
  2. Slips just 1 spot to 9 this week.

    I'm really into Walk Me Home at the minute - it might not be a big pop event like some of her previous leads (well, only 2 of them honestly...) but she doesn't need those at this point anyway. Her voice sounds so warm and gorgeous.
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  3. Just Give Me A Reason #4? Raise Your Glass #1 over Who Knew? Family Portrait that low? Walk Me Home that high?

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  5. kal


    This is some heterosexual nonsense.
  6. Just Vive Me A Reason is a great song, top 3 Pink after Who Knew and U + Ur Hand.
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  8. Just Give Me A Reason is squarely at the bottom of the list, just below God Is A Filler.
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  9. They say they're only ranking songs that charted in the US, only to then include God Is A DJ and point out that it didn't chart in the US. OK then.

    (God Is A DJ was originally supposed to be the lead single from Try This, a scenario that would have seen the album sink even more quickly than it did.)
  10. I still despise 'Just Give Me A Reason'. ('God Is A DJ' remains an underrated bop).

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  11. kal


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  12. I've just realised that Walk Me Home has replaced I'm Not Dead on the tour and I am disgusted.
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  13. I love God Is A DJ. It is a bop and it was always one of my favs from her.

    The annoying thing is that Billboard obviously didn't want to be too rude. All the descriptions are vanilla, nothing is called out a proper flop. To be honest - besides the annoynace factor in most of her leads - I think her singles discography is pretty strong. But some songs also are really, really bad.
  14. Please Don't Leave Me is so underrated, everything about it to wonderfully executed, especially the 'Misery' video.
  15. Saw her live for the first time last night and she blew me away. What a fantastic performer. Next time I need to pay the extra money to get a better seat, the show was still great from the upper level but I can tell it would be so worth it to be closer to the stage.
  16. Any ‘list’ that doesn’t have Don’t Let Me Get Me in the top 10 as a minimum is trash.
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  17. It is wonderful, I love it.
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