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P!nk - Hurts 2B Human (8th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. So What, Sober, Who Knew, U & Ur Hand, Try. That's the tea.
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  2. Is this single doing anything?

    Even in Australia I haven’t seen or heard it anywhere.

    It’s not the worst and I expected radio to eat it up.
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  3. #8 in the UK in the official charts, #3 on UK radio airplay chart. #35 on Spotify.
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  4. Trouble is a fucking masterpiece compared to at least half of her single output since so let's not see any more slander of thaT in this thread, please.
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  5. Everything beats Trouble.
  6. ...to you.

    It's a great track. Not my favourite single but a rush of energy that doesn't feel at all try-hard like most of her 'I'm such a rocker!' songs ever since.
  8. No but this is really pissing me off now.
  9. God is a DJ is underrated too. Waiting for Love should have been a single.
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  10. God Is A DJ is amazing.
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  11. So should One Foot Wrong, Humble Neighbourhoods, Hiccup, Catch Me While I’m Sleeping and Timebomb
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  12. 1. Who Knew
    2. Just Like a Pill
    3. Don't Let Me Get Me
    4. Sober
    5. Family Portrait

    Making a top 5 for her is hard. U + Ur Hand/Please Don't Leave Me/God Is a DJ/Trouble/Try could all fit in there too.
  13. The way you repeat the same tragic opinions just out of pure will to be dragged is lowkey fascinating.
  14. I forgot about Humble Neighbourhoods. I guess I quite like Try This then!
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  15. Try This is in my top 2 P!nk albums along with Funhouse
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. That middle 8...
  18. Same but with I'm Not Dead.
  19. Funhouse, The Truth About Love and Beautiful Trauma all have great songs (mostly the singles released) but a lot of filler or tracks we've heard from her time and time before but done better.

    Everything else is top tier. Even her debut is pretty solid for the sound and the time it was released, though not really a favourite of mine.

    But yeah, Missundazstood > Try This > I'm Not Dead .. what an amazing run. Great singles but great, great album tracks too that could/should have been singles.
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  20. Finally, something:
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