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P!nk: The Discography Rate ∞ 27: Come and kiss the ring.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Lost Boy, May 28, 2019.

  1. Exactly, that’s where they belong!
  2. This ain't my preference, but -

    1. Just Like A Pill
    2. Get The Party Started
    3. Who Knew
    4. Don't Let Me Get Me
    5. Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
    6. Sober
    7. Try
    8. Most Girls
    9. Cuz I Can
    10. What About Us
    11. U + Ur Hand
    12. Trouble
    13. I'm Not Dead
    14. Glitter In The Air
    15. Family Portrait
    16. Long Way To Happy
    17. God Is A DJ
    18. Happy
    19. Beautiful Trauma
    20. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

  3. LiK


    Last To Know is an incredible song and I just cannot understand how any self respecting fan of P!nk could think it deserved a score below a 7 at least.

    This elimination stings a bit. It's where my journey started, and it's definitely stood the test of time in my eyes. I'm constantly seeing it in tweets all over Twitter when people reminisce about the early 2000's.
  4. It's too painful for me to do this.
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  5. Well the end is coming! I can almost see the light!
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  6. 1. Who Knew
    2. Just Like a Pill
    3. What About Us
    4. U + Ur Hand
    5. Timebomb
    6. Beautiful Trauma
    7. Whatever You Want
    8. Try
    9. Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
    10. Happy
    11. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
    12. So What
    13. Sober
    14. Please Don't Leave Me
    15. God is a DJ
    16. I'm Not Dead
    17. It's All Your Fault
    18. Get the Party Started
    19. Trouble
    20. Whataya Want From Me
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  7. How is "There You Go" out before top 20? Not even top 30? Shocking.

    It's not a major loss for me, but it's such a great debut single deserved better. P!nk was showing her sassy and edgy attitude right from the very beginning.
    The music video is amazing, of course. And there are still comments like 'back when I thought P!nk was black'. Reasonable.

    Somehow, I thought "Get the Party Started" was going to be the lead single that's eliminated next (although, I love that song even more than "There You Go").

    I've tried to think of it, but have no idea, based on how odd the eliminations were throughout the rate.
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  8. Hello? Opperator...... I would like to report a hate crime against There U Go not making the top 20.
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  9. R27


    I'm afraid to jinx things by posting a top 20. Also mess at Beautiful Trauma having more tracks left than the debut.
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  10. My last sub-9 scores left. The bolded ones are the ones I really want to leave, the rest are all 8s. Blow Me (One Last Kiss) especially still being here is a damn choice.
  11. Literally every song you’ve quoted is one of my favourites.
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  12. Are any of the songs left not one of your favourites though?
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  13. Dddd but I mean I’m happy with half of your list winning the entire thing. Most notably ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’, ‘Timebomb’, ‘Try, ‘Happy’, ‘What About Us’ and ‘Whatever You Want’
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  14. Since this still holds true:
    The song from "I'm Not Dead" we could be losing next is "Runaway". Unless "Heartbreaker" leaves before it.
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  15. Well, I did give all of those 7-8s scores, so it's not like I don't like them, but I'd rather see them go than my 9-10s ddd
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  16. I have leg day and therapy before we can eliminate but I can neither confirm not deny than an album is falling next.
  17. ALSO I’ve decided that ‘Blow Me’ is one of her absolute best singles. What a fucking racket and a bop!
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  18. I s2g if Hurts 2B Human goes, I will riot.
  19. Well fucking yas. This is so great.
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  20. I'm rooting for 'Runaway' to make the top 20, but now I've said it I'm expecting it to leave shortly...
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