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P!nk: The Discography Rate (Results #128)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Lost Boy, May 28, 2019.

  1. Give each one a range then choose the higher one.
  2. All I can say is avoid decimals. It's all pretty arbitrary once you overthink it, adding decimals just compounds the problem.
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  3. In the end sort them from low to high so you are comparing tracks within the full rate. Because a 10 from this album might be worse/better than a 10 from another album. Usually you are only comparing to tracks next to it or just that album, because our minds are limited.
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  4. This sounds exactly like me, but I posted a P!nk song sorter (which doesn't include "Hurts 2B Human" album) earlier in this thread, so it may be helpful in choosing which song to rate higher/lower.
    Edit: Here's the song sorter!
  5. Great tip but I don't know all her songs by heart... Welp.

    I'm adjusting scores now and writing a lot of commentary. Y'all better don't drag me for having low scores cuz I am seeing her in August for a damn €110 euros so she still gets coins! Also from my streams!
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  6. For my own sanity, I never use decimals. Also before sending them I order them from highest to lowest so I can adjust the scores when needed.
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  7. Sent in my votes.

    Have fun with this: averages
    Can't Take Me Home 4,29
    Missundaztood 6,40
    Try This 6,56
    I'm Not Dead 6,20
    Funhouse 7,06
    Greatest Hits... So Far!!! 8,75
    The Truth About Love 5,78
    Beautiful Trauma 5,18
    Hurts 2B Human 5,11
    Extras 4,25
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  8. SCREAM it's a bloodbath.
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  9. Are you even a fan?!?!

    When the Greatest Hits score so high the 'single-effect' must be high in your scores I assume. Poor albumtracks...
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  10. Giving the Greatest Hits the highest average... I can't.
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  11. Is the deadline tomorrow? I thought it was Saturday.
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  12. [​IMG]
    My 11 is not a single.

    If you read before, I am attending her concert and doing this in preparation of the concert. Are there strict rules who can apply in a rate? No, so I did. And I am glad I did, as should you be for only having more people discovering her full discography.

    I am glad I discovered some gems in her discography. The reason greatest hits did not tank? Only 4 tracks being quite good? Duh?
  13. My like is for everything bar the last paragraph. Make these girls suffer.
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  14. Actual big thanks to everyone for some pretty good advice. I think I'm going to not use decimals for the first time ever, it might be better for my state of mind.
  15. Well, that was a twist. It was just seeing only album with (barely scrapping) a 7,0-average it felt weird. But since I have never seen her live I am in no place to judge.
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  16. Seeing her live made me want to 10 everything tbh. An absolute FORCE. Nobody compares.
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  17. Wait, so we can still vote during the Saturday?

    I just realized that there are about 60 songs left for me to add commentary to, so that extra day would be very useful.
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  18. I'm free on the Sunday but I have stuff to do so I might start then, if not I'll start Monday. The deadline isn't necessarily strict, just get them to me this weekend or if you've started and don't want me to miss you then TELL ME
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  19. I cringed at your averages but that's because it's me and I think anything below a 7 is too low, but I'm glad you're here because I love the Greatest Hits tracks and I don't wanna be the only high scorer for them. I have seen worse averages in other rates.
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  20. Dddddg, inputting votes and the winner just changed completely.
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