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P!nk: The Discography Rate (Results #128)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Lost Boy, May 28, 2019.

  1. And I just submitted votes.
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  2. Thanks for explaining, I'll very likely finish it all and send scores on Saturday.
    And it's totally fine to start the reveals on Monday, since you may need one day to arrange the commentary and whatnot, so no need to hurry with the reveals as soon as the voting closes.
    Happy that you managed to see P!nk live. I can only imagine what a fantastic show that was!

    I agree with this, but only if something is lower than 6,5 or 6, then it's considered a low score. It's impossible for me to score anything that P!nk recorded below a 4 (my lowest score is higher than that).

    I already imagine that @Music Is Life, @Lost Boy and me will be the highest scorers.

    The 'tanking team' will probably be @Laurence, @Verandi and @abael.
  3. Whew I just spent ages doing this and ended up with:

    1 What About Us?
    2 Whatever You Want
    3 Beautiful Trauma
    4 Sober
    4 I Don't Believe You
    4 Please Don't Leave Me
    7 Try
    8 Glitter In The Air
    9 Who Knew
    9 Long Way To Happy
    11 Stupid Girls
    12 Don't Let Me Get Me
    12 Family Portrait
    14 Just Like A Pill
    15 Funhouse
    16 So What
    17 Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
    18 I'm Not Dead
    19 U + Ur Hand
    20 God Is A DJ
  4. @Maki wait to see how I've handled the Little Mix scores. I behaved with P!nk.

    Also my signature is self-explanatory.
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  5. Interesting results. Yeah, it takes about 500 song battles to get to the results, so when I finished it all, I screenshot mine and will share them after the winner of the rate is announced.
    Those songs must all be 10's for you.
    Because I remember you saying that you adore many other songs, for example "Gone to California", "I Got Money Now" and "Heartbreaker"
    And I assume that "Happy" would appear on your top 20 if the album was included in the sorter.
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  6. 'Happy' would probably be my 2nd, it's my favourite P!nk song in years.
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  7. You can score from 1 to 10 with one 11. Stopping at 4 or 6 would make it so hard, even if you’re a stan.
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  8. I know, but the 'issue' I have with P!nk is that she doesn't have a song that I downright hate and/or fully dislike. Therefore, (almost) all of my scores are in the upper half, and I did try to scale them reasonably.
  9. Hmmm, I don’t really care but some scores can drop/have dropped a song like 10 places.
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  10. Scream, I did that song sorter and I am so tempted to post the Bottom 10 but the dragging would be severe.

    Top 20:
    1 Just Like A Pill
    2 Trouble
    3 Save My Life
    4 Who Knew
    5 Don't Let Me Get Me
    6 Most Girls
    7 Sober
    8 Try
    9 Long Way To Happy
    10 U + Ur Hand
    11 Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
    12 Nobody Knows
    13 18 Wheeler
    14 Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
    15 'Cuz I Can
    16 Walk Away
    17 God Is A DJ
    18 Walk Of Shame
    19 Beautiful Trauma
    20 The King Is Dead But The Queen Is Alive

    It's not exactly how I'd rank them, but fairly representative.
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  11. Please do (but put it in spoiler), so I can see if I can drag you.
    "Most Girls" and "Sober" in your top 10 is absolute taste.

    @Lost Boy, I ended up having plenty of ties, too (and most of them are really incorrect).
    Some of them include "God Is a DJ" and "Slut Like You" (and three more songs) tied at #92.
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  12. I’ve had a massive resurgence on ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’ recently. I like to think it’ll be remembered as a signature of hers.
  13. Please Don’t Leave Me is easily her best song+video package.
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  14. 99 Dear Mr. President
    100 The One That Got Away
    101 Waiting For Love
    102 But We Lost It
    103 Barbies
    104 Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
    105 Glitter In The Air
    106 Chaos & Piss
    107 The Great Escape
    108 Crystal Ball
    109 You Get My Love
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  15. And I was the one tanking the ballads dddd. Bar The Great Escape, we might get along in this. You Get My Love is my worst score too.
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  16. Alright, you're (mostly) safe to me, since I'm the one who scores 'boring and bland' below 'annoying and intentionally obnoxious' songs, too. I guess you thought the dragging will be because of "Glitter in the Air". Also, a few of these are my least favorite by P!nk, as well. However, "Barbies" is one of my favorites from "Beautiful Trauma" and the other ballads from the album are not bad at all. Also, why "Waiting for Love" so low? I thought you were a fan of "Try This". Oh, and no songs from "Can't Take Me Home" in your bottom 10 - a positive surprise!
  17. Waiting For Love is legitimately the only song on Try This I don't love. I truly adore that album.
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  18. People giving songs 4 or 6 probably just think they're average songs that deserve those scores though, not terrible songs that deserve a 1. Using the full scale is all well and good but sometimes there just aren't songs that deserve the lowest scores.
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  19. Exactly. Just because the song is my least favorite in this rate, doesn't instantly mean that it's a 0 or 1.
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  20. Centerfold really is the crowning glory of all her bonus tracks. Might toss it my 11 because why not?
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