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P!nk: The Discography Rate (Results #128)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Lost Boy, May 28, 2019.

  1. Another influx of votes has changed the entire top five.

    @Maki I’m not starting without you.

    Friendly reminder you have the weekend left to vote! Some of Sunday probably but don’t push it too far!
  2. Taste! That is an amazing song, definitely one of her very best bonus tracks.

    @Lost Boy procrastination is my hobby, but don't worry, my scores will be there on Saturday.
  3. My pool of possible 11s were only bonus tracks and singles.
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  4. One song will always be my absolute favourite but I think it’ll be a surprise to nobody that ‘Happy’ got mine in the end. Absolutely beautiful song that just showcases P!nk’s ability at ripping off the bandaid and showing the scars. Also the fact she can still give me chills twenty years into her career? Stun.
  5. There's 0.06 between the winner and #4 right now.

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  6. I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish scoring all of her albums, but this thread has made me re-listen her music realising how much P!nk’s output has meant to me during my childhood and teenage years. One of the best popstars we have! And I actually think her last two albums are quite good. Not a match to her best, but it still shows that she is capable of churning out good pop hits.
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  7. Just input another load of scores and there is now 0.02 between the entire top four.
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  8. Centerfold is a bop but give me Boring, Fingers, Disconnected, Heartbreaker and When We're Through over it any day, it terms of bonus cuts.
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  9. I mean, I've tried to use a full scale but I can't. I find too much to enjoy in almost every song by every artists I've rated on here. And I honestly feel like P!nk's discography is too strong to warrant low scores from me.
    Okay I love 8/10 of these.
    This rate might kill me more than any other.
    Agreed. I love Centerfold, but I love all of these more or equally, so my scores reflect that.
    As for my 11, I was this close to giving it to Happy, but it ended up going to a song that means a lot to me, and has helped me through my worst times.
    Oh and I lied. I won't be getting these in today, but they'll definitely be coming tomorrow. I'm sorry in advance for all the commentary I'm writing.
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  10. This is going to be a fun rate... I feel it.
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  11. I wonder what the lowest rated song is going to be. More than likely it will be a ballad kiiii
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  12. kal


    All that I ask is for my 11 to make it in the top 20.
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  13. I was just thinking about it before viewing the thread. I guess we can get rid of the blandness and some of the ballads first, for example "The One That Got Away" and "Misery", but "Revenge" has a strong chance to be among the first songs out, too.
    Actually, I have no idea what may end up as the lowest rated song, there are quite an amount of options.

    All I ask for is not to lose more than half of my 10's before we get into the top 100.
    And my 11 to reach the top 10 (which is absolutely impossible, so I can only wish).
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  14. I think Revenge and You Get My Love will battle for the last spot.
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  15. This wasn't in the rate, but I always thought it should have been released as a single.

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  16. If the winner is a 7+ I'll be happy, but this could be a bit chaotic.
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  17. You Get My Love would be my pick for last place but this rate was the first time I heard that Ellen atrocity so that is another candidate. Revenge will probably vacate first.
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  18. Revenge, Hustle, Just Give Me A Reason, How Come You’re Not Here, Here Comes The Weekend, You Get My Love, Waterfall and Hooker can all vacate first.
  19. At least Revenge is not the most boring song she has *cough* most of her ballads *cough*
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  20. I can think of 10-15 songs (10-12 of which are ballads) I'd like to leave before Revenge.
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